Updated 05:47:33
10:Iraq&Lebaon Local [1.0E]
11720:27500 [1/5/13]
11760:27500 [4/22/24]
11800:27500 [1/4/11]
11880:27500 [2/9/12]
11960:27500 [2/8/9]
12080:27500 [1/10/21]
12100:27500 [1/8/9]
12140:27500 [1/11/11]
12220:27500 [1/9/10]
12260:27500 [2/15/15]
12380:27500 [1/10/11]
12460:27500 [2/12/13]
Sat TotalCH = 19/191
50:Astra 4A [5.0E]
11747:30000 [6/12/13]
|–7620:[V]National Geographic Channel Russia
|–7625:[V]Nat Geo Wild Russia
|–7630:[V]Futbol 1
|–7645:[V]Viasat Explore East
|–7650:[V]Viasat Nature East
|–7660:[V]Futbol 2
11804:27500 [3/9/9]
|–6020:[X][N]Private Spice
|–6060:[N]Viasat Sport Baltic
|–6080:[N]TV 4 Plus
11823:27500 [1/8/11]
11843:27500 [2/3/10]
|–6210:[N]Perviy Baltijskyi Kanal Latvija
|–6260:[N]NTV Mir Baltia
11862:27500 [1/8/9]
|–3410:[N]TV 1000 Action East
11900:27500 [2/8/12]
|–6800:[N]TV 3 HD Norge [HD]
|–6860:[N]ETV 2
11938:27500 [2/8/16]
|–3620:[N]Animal Planet Europe
|–3630:[N]Discovery Channel Central Europe
11958:27500 [6/12/13]
|–6300:[N]TV 3 Latvija
|–6310:[N]3+ Latvija
|–6320:[N]Kanals 2
|–6340:[N]TV 3 Lietuva
|–6390:[N]LTV 1
11977:27500 [1/10/10]
|–2100:[N]Viasat Sport Sverige
12034:27500 [1/7/10]
|–3180:[N]Disney Channel Scandinavia
12130:27500 [5/5/8]
|–6620:Telekanal Ukraina [Viasat Ukraina]
|–6625:TV 1000 Megahit HD
|–6630:Futbol [Viasat Ukraina]
|–6655:TV 1000 Action
|–6660:Futbol + [Viasat Ukraina]
12245:27500 [2/7/8]
|–2900:[N]TV 1
12560:27500 [1/4/4]
12608:27500 [4/4/8]
|–1910:[N]TV 1000 Russkoe Kino
|–1920:[N]TV 1000 East
|–1950:[N]TV 1000 Action East
|–1960:[N]Viasat Nature East
12637:14468 [1/2/4]
|–6490:[N]Viasat History
Sat TotalCH = 38/158
90:Eutelsat 9A [9.0E]
11785:27500 [1/2/18]
|–201:[N]ProSieben MAXX HD[HD]
11862:27500 [1/6/6]
|–231:[N]DMAX HD[Sky Deutschland]
12015:27500 [2/5/6]
|–416:[N]Sixx HD[HD]
|–417:[N]RTL 2 HD[HD]
Sat TotalCH = 4/28
130:Hotbird [13.0E]
10719:27500 [4/8/12]
|–4405:[V]Kino Polska[Poland]
|–4411:[V]TVP Regionalna[Poland]
|–4412:[V]TV Puls[Poland]
|–4462:[V]TV PULS[Poland]
10758:27500 [20/29/32]
|–17001:[V]VOD 202[Poland]
|–17006:[V]\tVOD 212[Poland]
|–17008:[V]VOD 209[Poland]
|–17011:[V]VOD 206[Poland]
|–17012:[V]\tVOD 207[Poland]
|–17013:[V]VOD 208[Poland]
|–17019:[V]Stopklatka TV[Poland]
|–17023:[V]E! Polska[Poland]
|–17024:[V]Da Vinci Learning[Poland]
|–17026:[V]CBS Action Poland[Poland]
|–17028:[V]Love (Poland)[Poland]
|–17029:[V]VOD Poleca[Poland]
|–17031:[V]Metro (Poland)[Poland]
|–17032:[V]TVP Rozrywka[Poland]
|–17033:[V]TV Republika[Poland]
|–17034:[V]Filmbox Arthouse[Poland]
|–17036:[V]Discovery Turbo Xtra Poland[Poland N
|–17041:[V]Zoom TV (Poland)[Poland]
10796:27500 [11/13/14]
|–15702:[V]Discovery Life Poland[Poland]
|–15705:[V]TVP Kultura[Poland]
|–15707:[V]CBS Reality[Poland]
|–15708:[V]TVP SERIALE[Poland]
|–15709:[V]AXN Spin HD[Poland]
|–15710:[V]NATIONAL GEO[Poland]
|–15712:[V]Filmbox Premium[Poland]
|–15714:[V]Filmbox Family[Poland]
|–15717:[V]Filmbox Action[Poland]
|–15718:[V]TV Puls HD[Poland]
10834:27500 [19/19/19]
|–3502:[V]Kino Polska Muzyka[Poland]
|–3505:[V]TVP Sport HD[Poland][HD]
|–3506:[V]Discovery Historia[Poland]
|–3507:[V]Zest TV (23-05)[Poland]
|–3508:[V]Motowizja TV[Poland]
|–3509:[V]TVP ABC[Poland]
|–3510:[V]Trace Urban[Poland]
|–3520:[V]Sport Klub Poland[Poland]
|–3524:[V]TVP Historia[Poland]
|–3525:[V]TVP HISTORIA[Poland]
|–3540:[V]BBC HD[Poland]
|–3542:[V]BBC Earth HD[Poland]
|–3543:[V]HBO 2 HD Polska[Poland N][HD]
|–3544:[V]HBO Comedy HD Polska[Poland N][HD]
|–3555:[V]TVP Sport HD[Poland N]
|–3590:[V]BBC HD Nordic, Turkey & Poland[Polan
|–3592:[V]BBC Knowledge H\tD Poland [Poland][H
|–3593:[V]HBO 2 HD Polska [Poland]
|–3594:[V]HBO Comedy HD Polska [Poland]
10853:29900 [1/1/3]
|–1401:[H]Baby TV[Poland]
10892:27500 [2/6/15]
|–4817:Disney Channel Polska[Poland]
10911:27500 [10/10/15]
|–15901:[V]Sundance Channel HD [Poland][HD]
|–15904:[V]Universal HD Poland [Poland][HD]
|–15905:[V]TLC Poland HD[Poland][HD]
|–15906:[V]H2 HD[Poland][HD]
|–15909:[V]Eurosport HD[Poland][HD]
|–15910:[V]13 Ulica[Poland][HD]
|–15911:[V]Lifetime HD[Poland]
|–15913:[V]Lifetime HD[Poland][HD]
|–15918:[V]SciFi Universal
10930:30000 [7/8/8]
|–30:[H]Paramount Channel HD Italy[TivuSat][
|–16901:[H][X]Dorcel TV HD[Orange]
|–16910:[H]RTBF La Une[TVV]
|–16911:[H]RTBF La Deux[TVV]
|–16912:[H]RTBF La Trois[TVV]
|–16913:[H]RTL TVI[TVV]
|–16914:[H]Club RTL[TVV]
10949:27500 [2/2/2]
|–7461:[V][X]Brazzers TV Europe[Orange]
|–7467:[V]Cartoon Network[Poland]
10971:29700 [5/5/5]
|–17201:SRF 1 HD[SRG]
|–17202:SRF zwei HD[SRG]
|–17203:RTS Un HD[SRG]
|–17204:RTS Deux HD[SRG]
10992:27500 [2/5/5]
|–8502:[V]Rai Movie[TivuSat]
|–8514:[V]Rai 4[TivuSat]
11013:30000 [7/7/7]
|–17711:[H]Rai Sport 2 HD[TivuSat][HD]
|–17712:[H]Rai 2 HD[TivuSat][HD]
|–17713:[H]Rai 3 HD[TivuSat][HD]
|–17715:[H]Rai Sport 1 HD[TivuSat][HD]
|–17716:[H]Rai 4 HD[TivuSat][HD]
|–17717:[H]Rai Premium HD[TivuSat][HD]
|–17718:[H]Rai Movie HD[TivuSat][HD]
11075:27500 [17/18/18]
|–1:[V]MTV Live HD[Poland]
|–2:[V]MTV Polska[Poland]
|–4:[V]CC Family[Poland]
|–5:[V]VIVA Polska[Poland]
|–6:[V]Nick Jr Europe[Poland]
|–10:[V]Comedy Central Polska[Poland]
|–12:[V]Comedy Central Poland HD[Poland]
|–13:[V]Paramount Channel HD Poland[Poland]
|–14:[V]Nickelodeon HD[Poland]
|–21:[V]MTV Live HD[Poland N][HD]
|–22:[V]MTV Polska[Poland]
|–24:[V]CC Family[Poland]
|–25:[V]VIVA Polska[Poland]
|–32:[V]Comedy Central Poland HD.[Poland N]
|–45:[V]VIVA Polska[Poland]
11137:27500 [2/2/2]
|–7324:Crime and Investigation nc+[Poland]
|–7325:Crime + Investigation[Poland N]
11158:27500 [23/23/25]
|–13104:[V]Polsat Sport[Poland N]
|–13105:[V]Polsat Sport Extra
|–13107:[V]Polsat News 2[Poland]
|–13108:[V]Polsat Film[Poland]
|–13201:[V]Polsat HD[Poland]
|–13202:[V]Polsat Play HD[Poland][HD]
|–13203:[V]TV4 HD[Poland][HD]
|–13206:[V]Polsat Cafe HD[Poland][HD]
|–13208:[V]Polsat Film HD[Poland][HD]
|–13209:[V]Polsat News HD[Poland][HD]
|–13210:[V]Polsat 2 HD[Poland][HD]
|–13217:[V]Polsat HD[Poland]
|–13218:[V]Polsat Play HD[Poland][HD]
|–13219:[V]TV4 HD[Poland][HD]
|–13222:[V]Polsat Cafe HD[Poland][HD]
|–13225:[V]Polsat News HD[Poland]
|–13226:[V]Polsat 2 HD[Poland][HD]
|–13234:[V]Polsat Play HD[Poland][HD]
|–13238:[V]Polsat Cafe HD[Poland][HD]
|–13241:[V]Polsat News HD[Poland]
|–13257:[V]Polsat News HD[Poland]
11179:27500 [1/1/1]
|–4960:[H][X]Private TV[Poland]
11258:27500 [8/11/12]
|–15202:[H]TVP HD[Poland][HD]
|–15205:[H]Nat Geo Wild HD[Poland][HD]
|–15206:[H]Animal Planet HD[Poland][HD]
|–15207:[H]Cinemax HD[Poland][HD]
|–15210:[H]CANAL+ SPORT 2 HD[Poland][HD]
|–15257:[H]Cinemax HD[Poland N][HD]
|–15260:[H]CANAL+ SPORT 2 HD[Poland][HD]
|–15285:[H]Nat Geo Wild HD PL[Poland N][HD]
11278:27500 [10/10/11]
|–13020:[V]CANAL+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–13022:[V]CANAL+ SPORT HD[Poland]
|–13023:[V]NATIONAL GEO HD[Poland]
|–13024:[V]MiniMini+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–13025:[V]FILMBOX HD[Poland][HD]
|–13034:[V]MiniMini+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–13040:[V]CANAL+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–13052:[V]Canal+ Sport HD Polska[Poland][HD]
|–13054:[V]MiniMini+ HD[Poland][HD]
11334:27500 [3/3/3]
|–1:[H]Universal Polska[Poland]
|–2:[H]Sci-Fi Eastern Europe[Poland]
|–3:[H]13th Street Polska[Poland]
11393:27500 [15/15/18]
|–4312:[V]TVN 24[Poland]
|–4313:[V]TVN Siedem[Poland]
|–4315:[V]8 TV[Poland]
|–4317:[V]Active Family[Poland]
|–4318:[V]TVN Meteo[Poland]
|–4319:[V]TVN Turbo[Poland]
|–4320:[V]TVN Style[Poland]
|–4321:[V]Fokus TV[Poland]
|–4322:[V]TVN CNBC[Poland]
|–4323:[V]Puls 2[Poland]
|–4325:[V]Nowa TV[Poland]
|–4329:[V]ADVENTURE HD[Poland]
|–4330:[V]TVN 24 Bizness HD[Poland]
|–4331:[V]Test 50[Poland]
11411:27500 [14/14/14]
|–14201:[H]Canal+ Film HD Polska[Poland][HD]
|–14203:[H]CANAL+ FAMILY HD[Poland][HD]
|–14205:[H]teleTOON+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–14206:[H]PLANETE+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–14207:[H]KUCHNIA+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–14209:[H]ALE KINO+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–14210:[H]CANAL+ SERIALE HD[Poland][HD]
|–14235:[H]teleTOON+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–14236:[H]PLANETE+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–14237:[H]KUCHNIA+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–14239:[H]ALE KINO+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–14255:[H]teleTOON+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–14256:[H]Planete+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–14257:[H]Kuchnia+ HD[Poland][HD]
11449:27500 [13/13/14]
|–15001:[H]CANAL+ DISCOVERY HD[Poland][HD]
|–15003:[H]ID HD[Poland][HD]
|–15004:[H]Discovery Turbo Xtra Polska[Poland][
|–15031:[H]AMC Poland[Poland][HD]
|–15032:[H]Discovery HD[Poland][HD]
|–15037:[H]TVP 1 HD[Poland][HD]
|–15038:[H]Romance TV[Poland][HD]
|–15051:[H]CANAL+ DISCOVERY HD[Poland]
|–15067:[H]TVP 1 HD[Poland]
|–15068:[H]Romance TV[Poland][HD]
11488:27500 [8/9/11]
|–5101:[H]Canal+ HD Polska[Poland][HD]
|–5103:[H]Domo+ HD[Poland][HD]
|–5107:[H]Eleven HD[Poland]
|–5109:[H]Eleven Sports HD[Poland][HD]
|–5112:[H]Eleven Extra HD[Poland]
|–5153:[H]Domo+ HD[Poland][HD]
11508:27500 [12/13/14]
|–15821:[H]TVN HD[Poland][HD]
|–15822:[H]TVN Style HD[Poland][HD]
|–15823:[H]TVN STYLE HD[Poland][HD]
|–15824:[H]TVN Turbo HD[Poland][HD]
|–15825:[H]TVN TURBO HD[Poland][HD]
|–15827:[H]TVN 7 HD[Poland][HD]
|–15830:[H]TVN Fabula[Poland]
|–15831:[H]TTV HD[Poland]
|–15832:[H]Travel HD[Poland]
|–15833:[H]The Food Network EMEA HD[Poland][HD]
|–15850:[H]TVN HD_[Poland N][HD]
11526:29700 [2/4/4]
|–14051:RSI LA 1 HD[SRG]
|–14052:RSI La 2[SRG]
11541:22000 [2/2/2]
|–3627:[V]Paramount Channel[TivuSat]
11623:27500 [1/1/1]
11662:27500 [5/8/10]
|–16932:[V][X]Redlight HD[Telesat]
|–16933:[V][X]HUSTLER HD-3D
|–16936:[V]VIVID TOUCH
|–16958:[V]Water Planet[Poland]
|–16994:[V]Active Family[Poland]
11681:27500 [19/20/20]
|–301:TF 1 [Bis Orange Telesat]
|–302:France 2 [Bis Orange Telesat]
|–303:France 3 Sat [Bis Orange Telesat]
|–305:France 5 [Bis Orange Telesat]
|–306:M6 [Bis Orange]
|–309:W9 [Bis Orange]
|–310:TMC [Bis Orange]
|–311:NT1 [Bis Orange Telesat]
|–312:NRJ 12 [Bis Orange]
|–313:LCP [Bis Orange]
|–314:France 4 [Bis Orange Telesat]
|–321:L´Equipe 21[Bis]
|–323:Numero 23[Bis]
|–324:RMC Decouverte[Bis]
|–325:Cherie 25[Bis]
|–326:LCI – La Chaîne Info[Bis]
11727:27500 [7/24/24]
|–13760:[V][X]Redlight TV
|–13761:[V][X]Exotica TV
|–13763:[V][X]Boy & Boy
|–13766:[V][X]Cento X Cento TV
|–13767:[V][X]Marc Dorcel TV
|–13768:[V][X]SCT HQ
|–13784:[V][X]Pink O TV
11766:27500 [2/2/4]
|–3401:[V]Rai HD[TivuSat]
|–3403:[V]Rai 3 TGR FVG[TivuSat]
11804:27500 [1/3/3]
|–3306:[V]Rai Premium\t[TivuSat]
11881:27500 [3/3/4]
|–3647:[V]MTV Italia[TivuSat]
11919:29900 [12/12/12]
|–1:[V]Italia 1[TivuSat]
|–2:[V]Canale 5[TivuSat]
|–3:[V]Rete 4[TivuSat]
|–9:[V]Mediaset Extra[TivuSat]
|–10:[V]Mediaset Italia Due[TivuSat]
|–13:[V]Cartoonito Italia[TivuSat]
|–71:[V]La 7[TivuSat]
|–72:[V]La 7 d[TivuSat]
12034:29900 [2/4/14]
|–11180:[V]TV 2000[SkyIT]
12188:27500 [27/35/37]
|–7301:[V]Polsat Romans[Poland]
|–7302:[V]AXN White[Poland]
|–7303:[V]AXN Black[Poland]
|–7306:[V]Eurosport 1[Poland]
|–7307:[V]Nat Geo Wild[Poland N]
|–7308:[V]Disco Polo Music[Poland]
|–7310:[V]Disco Polo Music[Poland N]
|–7349:[V]Disney XD[Poland]
|–7350:[V]Disney Channel Polska[Poland]
|–7351:[V]Polsat Jim Jam[Poland]
|–7353:[V]MTV Rocks[Poland]
|–7354:[V]ATM Rozrywka TV[Poland]
|–7357:[V]TV6 Polska[Poland]
|–7359:[V]TNT Poland[Poland]
|–7360:[V]Polsat Sport News[Poland]
|–7361:[V]TLC Polska[Poland N]
|–7362:[V]Discovery Science Channel Polska[Pol
|–7363:[V]ID[Poland N]
|–7365:[V]Disney Channel HD[Poland N]
|–7370:[V]Polsat Viasat Explore HD[Poland]
|–7373:[V]Polsat Viasat Nature[Poland]
|–7375:[V]Fox Comedy[Poland]
12265:27500 [15/15/18]
|–3101:[V]Polsat Sport HD[Poland N][HD]
|–3102:[V]Polsat Sport HD[Poland N]
|–3103:[V]Fox Comedy HD[Poland N][HD]
|–3104:[V]Polsat Viasat History HD[Poland N]
|–3106:[V]TVP 2 HD[Poland N]
|–3108:[V]Polsat Sport Extra HD[Poland N][HD]
|–3109:[V]AXN HD[Poland]
|–3110:[V]Cinemax 2 HD[Poland]
|–3111:[V]FOX HD[Poland][HD]
|–3113:[V]Cinemax 2 HD[Poland]
|–3114:[V]AXN HD Polska[Poland N][HD]
|–3115:[V]Fox Comedy HD Poland[Poland][HD]
|–3116:[V]TVP 2 HD[Poland][HD]
|–3117:[V]Fox HD Polska[Poland N][HD]
|–3119:[V]History HD[Poland][HD]
12284:27500 [13/14/15]
|–10501:[H]TNT Polska[Poland]
|–10502:[H]Boomerang[Poland N]
|–10503:[H]Nat Geo People HD Poland[Poland]
|–10504:[H]Travel Channel HD[Poland]
|–10506:[H]Extreme Sports HD[Poland]
|–10507:[H]CBS Europa[Poland]
|–10508:[H]Eurosport 2 HD[Poland]
|–10509:[H]Discovery Science Poland HD[Poland][
|–10510:[H]HBO HD[Poland]
|–10511:[H]HBO HD[Poland]
|–10512:[H]Eurosport 2 HD[Poland]
|–10513:[H]Polsat Sport 2[Poland]
|–10552:[H]Disney Junior[Poland]
12322:27500 [2/3/3]
|–14802:RTVi Europe[NTV]
|–14804:inteRTV Nashe Kino[NTV]
12476:27500 [4/4/4]
|–2006:[H]BBC Brit[Poland]
|–2009:[H]BBC CBeebies Poland[Poland]
|–2010:[H]BBC Lifestyle[Poland]
|–2016:[H]BBC Brit HD Poland[Poland]
12597:27500 [2/3/3]
|–8213:[V]JSTV 1[Globecast]
12616:29900 [1/1/13]
|–11316:[H]DMAX Italia[SkyIT TivuSat]
12692:27500 [19/20/22]
|–417:[H]D17[Bis Orange Telesat]
|–418:[H]Gulli[Bis Orange Telesat]
|–419:[H]France O[Bis Orange]
|–420:[H]Game One[Bis]
|–451:[H]RTL9[Bis Orange]
|–452:[H]AB1[Bis Orange]
|–453:[H]AB MOTEURS[Bis Orange]
|–454:[H]ANIMAUX[Bis Telesat Orange]
|–455:[H]CHASSE & PECHE[Bis Orange]
|–456:[H]CINE FX[Bis Telesat Orange]
|–457:[H]CINE POLAR[Bis Telesat Orange]
|–458:[H]TREK[Bis Telesat Orange]
|–459:[H]Toute l’Histoire
|–461:[H]ACTION[Bis Telesat Orange]
|–462:[H]MANGAS[Bis Telesat Orange]
|–466:[H]Teva[Bis Orange]
|–468:[H][X]XXL[Bis Orange]
|–469:[H][X]XXL PL[Bis Orange]
Sat TotalCH = 357/433
160:Eutelsat 16A [16.0E]
10720:27500 [2/3/4]
|–902:HRT 2 500,30a00[OiV]
|–903:HRT TV 3 500,30a00[OiV]
10845:30000 [5/16/33]
|–1004:[A]SuperSport 1[DigiAlb][HD]
|–1005:[A]SuperSport 2[DigiAlb][HD]
|–2309:TF 1 [CanalSat]
|–2310:M6 [CanalSat]
10928:30000 [11/19/32]
|–103:TF 1[Parabole]
|–112:Serie Club[Parabole]
|–158:TF 1[Parabole]
|–666:RTL 9[Parabole]
|–2220:TeleToon +[Parabole]
|–2233:Discovery Channel France[Parabole]
|–2300:Noot TV[Parabole]
10977:27500 [1/9/17]
11471:30000 [8/20/42]
|–2:Ofive TV [CanalSat]
|–3:NRJ 12 [CanalSat]
|–4:TF 6 [CanalSat]
|–21:Cine + Frisson [CanalSat]
|–25:Ma Cha?ne Sport[CanalSat]
11512:30000 [24/43/60]
|–20:RTL Plus [Max TV]
|–21:24 Sata TV [Max TV]
|–30:National Geographic Croatia [Max TV]
|–31:NatGeo Wild [Max TV]
|–36:Animal Planet Eastern Europe[Max TV]
|–38:Discovery Civilisation[Max TV]
|–51:Boomerang[Max TV]
|–52:Baby TV[Max TV]
|–53:Cartoon Network Russia & South Eastern
|–60:Cinestar TV[Max TV]
|–61:Fox Life South East Europe[Max TV]
|–62:Fox Crime South East Europe[Max TV]
|–73:Cinemax 2 Europe[Max TV]
|–95:Sport Klub + Serbia[Max TV]
|–96:Sport Klub 3[Max TV]
|–108:Arena Sport 3 Hrvatska[Max TV]
|–153:Sport Klub Start [Max TV]
|–217:Arena Sport 4 Hrvatska [HD]
|–401:Voyage [CanalSat]
|–429:100,9f [CanalSat]
|–431:MTV France[CanalSat]
11512:29875 [1/4/4]
11554:30000 [3/12/27]
|–8450:R[Orange Reunion]
|–8457:Mayotte 1[Orange Reunion]
|–8541:France ?[Orange Reunion]
11595:30000 [18/25/32]
|–33:History Europe[Max TV]
|–54:Nickelodeon Europe [Max TV]
|–64:AXN Adria [Max TV]
|–80:Arena Sport 2 Hrvatska [HD]
|–86:Sport Klub Hrvatska [Max TV]
|–100:HBO 3 HD Central Europe[Max TV]
|–120:Croatian Music Channel [Max TV]
|–126:VH1 Classic Europe [Max TV]
|–127:Arena Sport 6 Hrvatska[Max TV]
|–152:Kapital Network [Max TV]
|–166:[X]\tRTL Passion[Max TV]
|–192:RTL Crime Hrvatska[Max TV]
|–193:[X]Private Spice [Max TV]
|–195:[X]Daring! TV [Max TV]
|–196:[X]Dorcel TV [Max TV]
|–197:[Max TV]
11596:30000 [5/10/30]
|–101:Kwezi TV[Parabole]
|–110:Star Plus[Parabole]
|–2206:TV Analamanga
|–2208:TeleToon +
11637:30000 [9/26/45]
|–502:Trace Tropical [CanalSat]
|–510:Action [CanalSat]
|–511:June [CanalSat]
|–516:Syfy France[CanalSat]
|–517:MCS Extr[CanalSat]
|–518:[X]XXL [CanalSat]
|–537:Kombat Sport[CanalSat]
|–554:RFM TV
|–1926:Cinemax HD[Max TV]
11678:30000 [17/38/51]
|–22:Net TV [Max TV]
|–34:Crime & Investigation Network UK [M
|–35:Discovery Channel Europe[Max TV]
|–42:Viasat Nature East [Max TV]
|–89:The Fishing and Hunting Channel South E
|–102:24 Kitchen [Max TV]
|–123:MTV Hits UK [Max TV]
|–130:Hit TV [Max TV]
|–190:Max GP[HD]
|–216:Klasik TV [Max TV]
|–291:RTL Hrvatska [Max TV]
|–292:Nova TV [Max TV]
|–293:RTL 2 Hrvatska [Max TV]
|–294:Doma Hrvatska [Max TV]
|–296:HRT 2 [Max TV]
|–301:Mini TV [Max TV]
|–412:Arena Sport 1 Hrva\ttska [HD]
12521:27500 [1/2/2]
12604:30000 [17/28/52]
|–1:TF 1
|–2:France 2
|–5:France Q
|–6:RTL 9
|–11:AB 1
|–16:Action (France)
|–17:Cin¨¦ FX
|–18:Polar (France)
|–25:Fox Sports Africa
|–27:Trace Africa
|–33:Novelas TV
Sat TotalCH = 127/302
192:Astra1 [19.2E]
10729:22000 [5/10/15]
|–30806:[V]AXN HD [D+][HD]
|–30807:[V]C+COMEDIA HD [D+][HD]
|–30809:[V]C+ LIGA HD [D+][HD]
|–30819:[V]La 1 HD[D+]
10759:22000 [10/10/10]
|–29850:[V]Divinity [D+]
|–29851:[V]Fox News [D+]
|–29852:[V]Baby TV [D+]
|–29854:[V]Boing Spain [D+]
|–29855:[V]Energy [D+]
|–29856:[V]Barca TV [D+]
|–29857:[V]Animax [D+]
|–29858:[V]MTV Spain [D+]
|–29859:[V]Canal de las Estrellas [D+]
10773:22000 [3/4/4]
|–21108:[H]N24 HD [HD+][HD]
|–21118:[H][N]N24 HD Austria [Sky Deutschland][
10788:22000 [9/15/23]
|–30358:[H]Cartoon Network [D+]
|–30359:[H]Nick Junior Spain[D+]
|–30361:[H]Cartoonito Spain [D+]
|–30364:[H]Canal+ Partidazo[D+]
|–30371:[H]C+ MultiDEP [D+]
|–30372:[H]Canal Orbe 21[D+]
|–30373:[H]Sundance Channel[D+]
10803:22000 [3/5/5]
|–5500:[H]Disney Channel HD Germany [HD+][HD]
|–5503:[H]Deluxe Music HD [HD+][HD]
|–5505:[H]Sport 1 HD (Germany) [HD+][HD]
10817:22000 [7/7/12]
10832:22000 [4/4/4]
|–61200:[H]RTL Deutschland [HD+][HD]
|–61201:[H]Vox HD [HD+][HD]
|–61204:[H]n-tv HD[HD+][HD]
|–61205:[H]RTL 2 HD [HD+][HD]
10876:22000 [11/11/11]
|–30601:[V]Canal+ Golf[D+]
|–30603:[V][X]Playboy TV [D+]
|–30605:[V]National Geographic Spain[D+]
|–30606:[V]Canal+ Futbol [D+]
|–30607:[V]Canal+ Deportes [D+]
|–30608:[V]Calle 13 [D+]
|–30611:[V]CANAL+ LIGA [D+]
|–30613:[V]Decasa TV [D+]
|–30614:[V]SyFy Universal Spain [D+]
10876:22000 [1/1/2]
10906:22000 [7/7/7]
|–30001:[V]Movistar F1 HD[D+][HD]
|–30002:[V]Movistar MotoGP HD[D+][HD]
|–30003:[V]TEST3 HD[D+][HD]
|–30004:[V]Antena 3 HD Spain[D+][HD]
|–30005:[V]Cuatro HD[D+][HD]
|–30006:[V]Telecinco HD[D+][HD]
|–30007:[V]La Sexta HD[D+][HD]
10921:22000 [2/2/4]
|–38:[N]Romance TV [Sky Deutschland]
|–57:[N]A&E Germany[Sky Deutschland]
10936:22000 [7/7/13]
|–30752:[V]Disney Cinemagic HD Spain [D+][HD]
|–30755:[V]MEZZO LIVE HD [D+][HD]
|–30756:[V]CALLE 13 HD [D+][HD]
|–30758:[V]Eurosport 1[D+]
|–30760:[V]C+ DEPORT HD [D+][HD]
|–30761:[V]NAT GEO HD [D+][HD]
|–30765:[V]Canal+ Toros HD[D+][HD]
10964:22000 [2/4/5]
|–10100:[H]TLC HD[HD+][HD]
|–10103:[H]MTV HD Germany[HD+][HD]
10979:22000 [11/11/11]
|–30652:[V]Factoria de Ficcion [D+]
|–30654:[V]Clan TVE[D+]
|–30655:[V]La Sexta [D+]
|–30656:[V]TVE 1 [D+]
|–30657:[V]Canal Hollywood [D+]
|–30658:[V]TVE 2 [D+]
|–30659:[V]Telecinco [D+]
|–30662:[V]CANAL+ XTRA[D+]
|–30663:[V]Cuatro [D+]
|–30665:[V]TNT Espa? [D+]
|–30680:[V]NatGeo Wild Spain [D+]
11038:22000 [10/10/10]
|–30400:[V]Canal + Espa?a [D+]
|–30403:[V]Disney Channel Espa?a [D+]
|–30405:[V]40 TV [D+]
|–30407:[V]TCM Moderno [D+]
|–30408:[V]Paramount Comedy Channel Spain [D+]
|–30409:[V]Viajar [D+]
|–30410:[V]Canal+ 2 [D+]
|–30412:[V]Teledeporte [D+]
|–30414:[V]Canal Cocina [D+]
|–30415:[V]AMC Spain[D+]
11067:22000 [2/2/4]
|–31309:[V]L´Equipe 21[TNTSAT CSAT Orange]
|–31409:[V]L EQUIPE 21[TNTSAT CSAT Orange]
11082:22000 [3/4/6]
|–11931:[H]Super RTL HD [HD+][HD]
|–11951:[H]RTL Nitro HD[HD+][HD]
|–11971:[H][N]RTL Living[Sky Deutschland][HD]
11112:22000 [2/2/3]
|–12500:[H]SAT.1 Gold HD\t[HD+][HD]
|–12502:[H]Eurosport 1 Germany[HD+]
11126:22000 [7/7/12]
|–30850:[V]C+ SERIES HD[D+][HD]
|–30853:[V]TCM [D+][HD]
|–30856:[V]TNT HD [D+][HD]
|–30857:[V]NG WILD HD [D+][HD]
|–30859:[V]DISNEY CH HD [D+][HD]
|–30860:[V]Canal+ Spain HD[D+][HD]
|–30861:[V]Caza y Pesca HD[D+][HD]
11156:22000 [11/11/12]
|–30506:[V]Disney XD Spain[D+]
|–30507:[V]Caza y Pesca[D+]
|–30509:[V]Biography Channel Spain & Portugal[D
|–30511:[V]Discovery Channel Spain & Portugal [
|–30512:[V]Cosmopolitan TV[D+]
|–30513:[V]Canal de Historia[D+]
|–30514:[V]TVI Internacional[D+]
|–30518:[V]D Cine Espanol[D+]
|–30520:[V]Canal 24 Horas[D+]
|–30521:[V]Movistar MotoGP[D+][HD]
11171:22000 [2/6/6]
|–109:[H][N]Eurosport 2 HD[Sky Deutschland][H
|–140:[H][N]RTL Crime HD[Sky Deutschland][HD]
11229:22000 [1/1/1]
|–5010:[V]Insight HD
11244:22000 [3/3/3]
|–13221:[H]ORF Sport Plus[ORF]
|–13223:[H]ATV 2 Austria[ORF]
|–13228:[H]ATV HD (Austria)[ORF][HD]
11259:22000 [6/6/11]
|–30901:[V]Fox Crime HD Spain [D+][HD]
|–30902:[V]Canal+ 2 HD [D+][HD]
|–30903:[V]Canal+ Golf HD [D+][HD]
|–30904:[V]Cosmopolitan HD [D+][HD]
11273:22000 [9/9/9]
|–13301:[H]ORF 2 Steiermark[ORF][HD]
|–13302:[H]ORF 2 K?rnten[ORF][HD]
|–13303:[H]ORF 2 Burgenland[ORF][HD]
|–13304:[H]ORF 2 Ober?sterreich[ORF][HD]
|–13305:[H]ORF 2 Salzburg[ORF][HD]
|–13306:[H]ORF 2 Tirol[ORF][HD]
|–13307:[H]ORF 2 Vorarlberg[ORF][HD]
|–13308:[H]ORF III[ORF][HD]
|–13309:[H]ORF Sport +[ORF][HD]
11288:22000 [3/3/3]
|–4210:[V]Rai 1 [RAI][HD]
|–4211:[V]Rai 2 [RAI][HD]
|–4212:[V]Rai 3 [RAI][HD]
11303:22000 [4/4/4]
|–4911:[H]ORF 1 [ORF][HD]
|–4912:[H]ORF 2 [ORF][HD]
|–4913:[H]Servus TV HD[Austriasat][HD]
|–4916:[H]ORF2N HD[ORF][HD]
11318:22000 [11/11/11]
|–29800:[H]Fox Crime Espa?a [D+]
|–29801:[H]Antena Nova [D+]
|–29802:[H]Canal Iberalia[D+]
|–29803:[H]Disney Junior Spain[D+]
|–29804:[H]Canal + Accion [D+]
|–29805:[H]Canal + Comedia [D+]
|–29806:[H]Canal + Dcine [D+]
|–29807:[H]Fox Espain [D+]
|–29809:[H]AXN White Spain [D+]
|–29815:[H]AXN Espa?a [D+]
11332:22000 [2/5/8]
|–117:[H][N][A]Sky 3D Germany [Sky Deutschlan
|–124:[H][N]Fox HD Germany [Sky Deutschland][
11421:22000 [2/4/4]
|–4701:[H]Sat.1 Emotions [Austriasat]
|–4719:[H].2. [HD+][HD]
11436:22000 [6/6/14]
|–29901:[V]SyFy HD Spain [D+][HD]
|–29907:[V]VIAJAR HD [D+][HD]
|–29909:[V]CANAL+1 HD [D+][HD]
|–29910:[V]Canal + Deportes 2 HD [D+][HD]
|–29912:[V]C+ XTRA HD[D+][HD]
|–29915:[V]AXN WHITE HD[D+]
11464:22000 [5/7/7]
|–61300:[H]Sat 1 HD [HD+][HD]
|–61301:[H]Prosieben HD [HD+][HD]
|–61302:[H]Kabel 1 HD [HD+][HD]
|–61303:[H]Sixx HD [HD+][HD]
|–61304:[H]ProSieben MAXX HD [HD+][HD]
11597:22000 [2/2/2]
|–10081:[V]RMC D[CSAT]
11686:22000 [8/8/8]
|–30206:[V]Antena Neox [D+]
|–30207:[V]Canal Panda [D+]
|–30209:[V]Real Madrid TV [D+]
|–30210:[V]Nick Junior Spain [D+]
|–30212:[V]Antena 3 [D+]
|–30220:[V]TCM Autor [D+]
|–30222:[V]La Siete [D+]
11720:27500 [9/18/26]
|–8:[H][N][A]Sky Comedy[Sky Deutschland]
|–9:[H][N][A]Sky Action[Sky Deutschland]
|–11:[H][N][A]Sky Cinema+1[Sky Deutschland]
|–19:[H][N][A]Junior[Sky Deutschland]
|–21:[H][N][A]Beate-Uhse.TV[Sky Deutschland]
|–24:[H][N][A]Classica[Sky Deutschland]
|–26:[H][N][A]Disney Junior[Sky Deutschland]
|–28:[H][N][A]Disney XD[Sky Deutschland]
|–43:[H][N][A]Sky Cinema+24[Sky Deutschland]
11739:27500 [9/10/12]
|–28654:[V]MTV Hits UK[Austriasat]
|–28655:[V]MTV Dance [Austriasat]
|–28656:[V]VH1 Europe A [Austriasat]
|–28657:[V]VH1 Classic Europe[Austriasat]
|–28659:[V]MTV Rocks [Austriasat]
|–28660:[V]Nickelodeon Espa?[Austriasat]
|–28661:[V]Nick Junior[D+]
|–28663:[V]Game One [Canal Digitaal]
|–28666:[V]VH1.[MTV Networks]
11758:27500 [12/18/26]
|–12:[H][N][A]NatGeo Wild[Sky Deutschland]
|–16:[H][N][A]Fox Serie[Sky Deutschland]
|–22:[H][N][A]Heimatkanal[Sky Deutschland]
|–25:[H][N][A]Disney Cinemagic[Sky Deutschla
|–30:[H][N][A]Sky Sport Austria[Sky Deutschl
|–36:[H][N][A]Syfy[Sky Deutschland]
|–41:[H][N][A]Sky Cinema Hits Germany[Sky De
|–42:[H][N][A]13th Street[Sky Deutschland]
|–50:[H][N][A]TNT Serie[Sky Deutschland]
|–52:[H][N][A]Spiegel Geschichte[Sky Deutsch
|–222:[H][N][A]Sky Sport 2[Sky Deutschland]
|–518:[H][N][A]Goldstar TV\t[Sky Deutschland]
11798:27500 [1/1/3]
|–144:[H][N]Sky Atlantic +1 HD Germany[Sky De
11817:29700 [11/11/12]
|–8001:[V]MTV Base [CSAT][HD]
|–8003:[V]MTV Idol [CSAT][HD]
|–8004:[V]MTV HD France [CSAT][HD]
|–8005:[V]Franceinfo: HD[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–8006:[V]Histoire HD [CSAT][HD]
|–8007:[V]OCS Choc HD [CSAT][HD]
|–8008:[V]Jimmy [CSAT][HD]
|–8010:[V]MEZZO HD[CSAT][HD]
|–8011:[V]6ter[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–8012:[V]Trace Africa[CSAT]
11876:27500 [5/7/14]
|–101:[H][N]Universal HD Germany [Sky Deutsch
|–128:[H][N]E! HD Germany [Sky Deutschland][H
|–136:[H][N]TNT Glitz HD[Sky Deutschland][HD]
|–403:[H][N][A]Boomerang Germany[Sky Deutschl
|–404:[H][N][A]Cartoon Network Germany[Sky De
11914:27500 [5/5/8]
|–118:[H][N]NatGeo Wild HD Germany [Sky Deuts
|–129:[H][N]Sky Sport HD 1 [Sky Deutschland][
|–130:[H][N]Discovery HD [Sky Deutschland][HD
|–131:[H][N]Sky Cinema HD Germany[Sky Deutsch
|–405:[H][N][A]TNT Film[Sky Deutschland]
11934:29700 [9/10/11]
|–8901:[V]E! HD France[CSAT][HD]
|–8902:[V]La chaîne Météo HD[CSAT][HD
|–8903:[V]June HD[CSAT][HD]
|–8904:[V]Girondins TV HD[CSAT][HD]
|–8905:[V]Game One HD[CSAT][HD]
|–8907:[V]Trace Urban HD[CSAT][HD]
|–8908:[V]Boomerang France HD[CSAT][HD]
|–8911:[V]Boing HD France[CSAT][HD]
|–8912:[V]Nick Jr HD France[CSAT][HD]
11973:27500 [4/4/7]
|–28671:[V]MTV Music 24 [MTV Networks]
|–28674:[V]MTV Nederland[MTV Networks]
|–28675:[V]Comedy Central Nederland[MTV Network
|–28679:[V]Nickelodeon Nederland[MTV Networks]
11992:27500 [5/5/8]
|–110:[H][N]Sky Atlantic HD Germany [Sky Deut
|–111:[H][N]Disney Cinemagic Deutschland [Sky
|–112:[H][N]National Geographic Channel [Sky
|–114:[H][N]Sky Sport HD 2 [Sky Deutschland][
|–127:[H][N]13th Street HD [Sky Deutschland][
12012:29700 [9/9/9]
|–8801:[V][F]Canal + France [CSAT][HD]
|–8802:[V][F]Canal + D?al? [CSAT][HD]
|–8803:[V][F]Canal + Cin?a France [CSAT][HD]
|–8804:[V][F]Canal + Sport France [CSAT][HD]
|–8805:[V][F]Canal + Family [CSAT][HD]
|–8806:[V][F]Canal+ S[CSAT][HD]
|–8807:[V][F]Cine+ Frisson HD [CSAT][HD]
|–8808:[V][F]Cine+ Famiz HD[CSAT][HD]
|–8809:[V][F]Cine+ Classic HD[CSAT][HD]
12032:27500 [15/16/18]
|–10:[H][N][A]Sky Cinema[Sky Deutschland]
|–13:[H][N][A]National Geographic[Sky Deutsc
|–14:[H][N][A]Discovery Channel[Sky Deutschl
|–20:[H][N][A]Sky Cinema Emotion Germany[Sky
|–23:[H][N][A]Sky Krimi[Sky Deutschland]
|–27:[H][N][A]RTL Crime[Sky Deutschland]
|–29:[H][N][A]RTL Passion[Sky Deutschland]
|–34:[H][N][A]Sky Atlantic[Sky Deutschland]
|–221:[H][N][A]Sky Sport 1[Sky Deutschland]
|–223:[H][N][A]Sky Bundesliga 1[Sky Deutschla
|–406:[H][N][A]Kinowelt Tv[Sky Deutschland]
|–407:[H][N]Sky Cinema Family[Sky Deutschland
|–513:[H][N][A]Blue Movie[Sky Deutschland]
|–515:[H][N][A]MGM[Sky Deutschland]
|–516:[H][N][A]Sky Cinema Nostalgie Germany
12051:27500 [1/1/1]
|–20007:[V]Puls 4[ORF]
12070:27500 [4/6/7]
|–134:[H][N][A]Sky Cinema+1 HD[Sky Deutschlan
|–135:[H][N][A]Sky Cinema+24 HD[Sky Deutschla
|–138:[H][N][A]Disney Junior HD[Sky Deutschla
|–139:[H][N][A]Sky Cinema Family HD[Sky Deuts
12090:29700 [12/12/12]
|–9401:[V]Disney XD HD France [CSAT][HD]
|–9402:[V]Disney Cinemagic HD [CSAT][HD]
|–9403:[V][X]French Lover HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9404:[V]OCS Novo HD [CSAT][HD]
|–9405:[V]Non Stop People HD [CSAT][HD]
|–9406:[V]Eurosport 2 HD [CSAT][HD]
|–9407:[V]Discovery Science HD France [CSAT][H
|–9408:[V]Disney Channel France +1 HD[CSAT][HD
|–9409:[V]Planete+ C.I. HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9410:[V]Campagnes TV[CSAT][HD]
|–9411:[V]Teletoon+ HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9412:[V]Teletoon +1 HD[CSAT][HD]
12129:29700 [8/9/9]
|–9901:[V]Discovery HD Showcase [CSAT][HD]
|–9902:[V]TCM HD France [CSAT][HD]
|–9903:[V]Golf+ HD [CSAT][HD]
|–9905:[V]Téva HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9906:[V]J-One HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9907:[V]Penthouse HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9908:[V]Cartoon Network HD France[CSAT][HD]
|–9909:[V]Onzeo HD[CSAT][HD]
12168:29700 [9/9/9]
|–9301:[V]Arte HD [CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–9302:[V]Cine+ Premier HD [CSAT][HD]
|–9303:[V]M6 HD [CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–9304:[V]W9 HD [CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–9305:[V]Ushua?a TV HD [CSAT][HD]
|–9306:[V]France 2 HD [CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–9308:[V]D17 HD[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–9309:[V]France 3 Sat HD[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
12207:29700 [11/11/11]
|–9001:[V]TF1[CSAT TNTSAT]
|–9002:[V]National Geographic HD France[CSAT][
|–9003:[V]HD1[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–9004:[V]Paris Premiere HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9005:[V]Eurosport HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9006:[V]Planete+ HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9007:[V]Disney Channel HD France[CSAT][HD]
|–9008:[V]France 5 HD[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–9010:[V]Infosport+ HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9011:[V]Planète+ A&E HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9012:[V]C8 HD[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
12246:29700 [12/12/12]
|–6601:[V]13eme Rue HD [CSAT][HD]
|–6602:[V]Disney Junior HD France [CSAT][HD]
|–6603:[V]SyFy Universal HD France [CSAT][HD]
|–6604:[V]OCS Geants HD [CSAT][HD]
|–6605:[V]Voyage HD [CSAT][HD]
|–6606:[V]Paramount Channel HD France[CSAT][HD
|–6607:[V]Libido TV HD[CSAT][HD]
|–6608:[V]France Ô HD[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–6609:[V]Gulli HD[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–6610:[V]Seasons HD[CSAT][HD]
|–6611:[V]Equidia Live[CSAT][HD]
|–6612:[V]Equidia Live HD[CSAT][HD]
12285:29700 [12/12/15]
|–17020:[V]AB Moteurs [CSAT]
|–17021:[V]AB 1 [CSAT]
|–17022:[V][X]Animaux HD[CSAT]
|–17023:[V]Encyclo [CSAT]
|–17024:[V][X]XXL [CSAT]
|–17025:[V]Escales [CSAT]
|–17026:[V]Toute l’Histoire [CSAT]
|–17030:[V]Action [CSAT][HD]
|–17031:[V]Mangas [CSAT]
|–17035:[V]RTL 9 [CSAT][HD]
|–17036:[V]Chasse et P[CSAT]
|–17054:[V][X]XXL [CSAT]
12304:27500 [4/4/8]
|–105:[H][N]Sky Bundesliga HD 1 [Sky Deutschl
|–107:[H][N]Sky Cinema Hits HD Germany[Sky De
|–115:[H][N]MGM HD Germany [Sky Deutschland][
|–126:[H][N]SyFy HD Deutschland [Sky Deutschl
12324:29700 [2/3/3]
|–8602:[V]MCM HD[CSAT][HD]
12382:27500 [5/5/8]
|–113:[H][N][A]History Channel HD Germany [Sk
|–116:[H][N][A]Disney Channel HD Germany [Sky
|–122:[H][N][A]Sport 1 + HD[Sky Deutschland][
|–123:[H][N][A]TNT Serie HD [Sky Deutschland]
|–132:[H][N][A]Eurosport HD [Sky Deutschland]
12402:29700 [10/12/12]
|–8701:[V]France 4 HD[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–8704:[V]NRG 12 HD[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–8707:[V]TIJI HD[CSAT][HD]
|–8708:[V][X]Dorcel XXX HD[CSAT][HD]
|–8710:[V]Melody HD[CSAT][HD]
|–8711:[V]Nollywood TV[CSAT][HD]
|–8712:[V]Foot+ 24/24 HD[CSAT][HD]
12441:29700 [9/11/12]
|–6501:[V]NatGeo Wild HD France[CSAT][HD]
|–6503:[V]M6 Music Hits HD [CSAT][HD]
|–6505:[V]Série Club HD[CSAT][HD]
|–6506:[V]OCS Max HD[CSAT][HD]
|–6508:[V]Comédie+ HD[CSAT][HD]
|–6509:[V]Extreme Sports HD France [CSAT][HD]
|–6510:[V]Piwi+ HD[CSAT][HD]
|–6511:[V]Canal J HD[CSAT][HD]
|–6512:[V]Nickelodeon 4Teen HD[CSAT][HD]
12515:22000 [7/10/13]
|–4064:[H]Vivid TV
|–4065:[H]Vivid CZ
|–4105:[H]Brazzers TV
|–4107:[H]Hustler TV
|–4109:[H]Hustler TV CZ
|–4124:[H]Kabel Eins Classics
|–4125:[H]AXN Deutschland
12515:22000 [1/1/1]
12552:22000 [2/2/2]
|–12140:[V]Cherie 25[CSAT TNTSAT][HD]
|–12141:[V]Cherie 25[CSAT Orange TNTSAT]
12574:22000 [2/4/4]
|–5401:[H]Tele 5 [HD+][HD]
|–5402:[H]DMAX HD [HD+][HD]
12663:22000 [2/2/2]
|–13101:[H]ORF III[ORF]
|–13111:[H]Servus TV [Austriasat]
12692:22000 [12/12/12]
|–13001:[H]ORF 1[ORF]
|–13002:[H]ORF 2[ORF]
|–13003:[H]ORF 2 Wien[ORF]
|–13004:[H]ORF 2 Nieder?sterreich (19.00-19.30)
|–13005:[H]ORF 2 Burgenland (19.00-19.30)[ORF]
|–13006:[H]ORF 2 Ober?sterreich (19.00-19.30)[O
|–13007:[H]ORF 2 Salzburg (19.00-19.30)[ORF]
|–13008:[H]ORF 2 Tirol (18.30-19.30)[ORF]
|–13009:[H]ORF 2 Vorarlberg (19.00-19.30)[ORF]
|–13010:[H]ORF 2 Steiermark (19.00-19.30)[ORF]
|–13011:[H]ORF 2 K?rnten (19.00-19.30)[ORF]
|–13012:[H]ATV (Austria)[ORF]
12699:22000 [4/10/10]
|–9502:[V][F][A]Multisports HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9503:[V][F][A]Multisports HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9509:[V]OL TV HD[CSAT][HD]
|–9510:[V]OM TV HD[CSAT][HD]
12728:22000 [24/24/24]
|–9801:France 3 Basse-Normandie [CSAT TNTSAT O
|–9802:France 3 Pays de la Loire [CSAT TNTSAT
|–9803:France 3 Provence-Alpes [CSAT TNTSAT Or
|–9804:France 3 Centre [CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9805:France 3 Bourgogne [CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9806:France 3 Poitou-Charentes [CSAT TNTSAT
|–9807:France 3 Champagne-Ardenne [CSAT TNTSAT
|–9808:France 3 Grenoble [CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9809:France 3 Nord-Pas de Calais [CSAT TNTSA
|–9810:France 3 Alsace [CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9811:France 3 Languedoc [CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9812:Via Stella [CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9813:France 3 Nice[CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9814:France 3 Rouen[CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9815:France 3 Bordeaux[CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9816:rance 3 Clermont Ferrand[CSAT TNTSAT Or
|–9817:rance 3 Rennes[CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9818:France 3 Limoges[CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9819:France 3 Nancy\t[CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9820:France 3[CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9821:rance 3 Paris Ile-de-France[CSAT TNTSAT
|–9822:France 3 Amiens[CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9823:France 3 Lyon[CSAT TNTSAT Orange]
|–9824:France 3 Besançon[CSAT TNTSAT Orange
Sat TotalCH = 447/530
235:Astra 3A/3B [23.5E]
11739:29900 [17/21/22]
|–6010:[V]NPO Politiek/NPO Best
|–6015:[V]NPO Doc
|–6025:[V]NPO Zapp Xtra/NPO Humor TV
|–6030:[V]FOX Channel
|–6036:[V]Boomerang CZ
|–6045:[V]Investigation Discovery
|–6065:[V]Disney Channel
|–6080:[V]NPO2 HD[HD]
|–6090:[V]SBS6 HD[HD]
|–6092:[V]FOX Sports EDL 1 HD[HD]
|–6094:[V]the QYOU
|–6095:[V]the QYOU CZ
|–6097:[V]Discovery Channel
|–6151:[V]EDGE CZ[HD]
11798:29500 [23/23/23]
|–5030:Disney CZ
|–5032:Discovery CZ
|–5034:Filmbox Extra HD
|–5035:Viasat HD
|–5036:Golf Channel
|–5037:Sport 2 HD
|–5038:TV Paprika
|–5039:Filmbox Plus
|–5050:Filmbox Family
|–5051:Filmbox Premium
|–5052:Retro Music TV
|–5053:Nickelodeon CZ
|–5054:Sport 5
|–5145:JOJ Cinema
|–5146:duck TV
|–5147:duck TV DUT
|–5151:Mnam TV
|–5152:E! Entertainment CZ
|–5154:Nautical HD
|–5156:E! Entertainment DUT
11856:29900 [14/14/15]
|–7020:[V]RTL4 HD[HD]
|–7023:[V]RTL5 HD[HD]
|–7027:[V]RTL7 HD[HD]
|–7030:[V]VTM HD[HD]
|–7036:[V]RTL8 HD[HD]
|–7040:[V]Reality Kings
|–7041:[V]Reality Kings CZ
|–7042:[V]RTL lounge
|–7056:[V]2BE HD[HD]
|–7057:[V]VIER HD[HD]
|–7058:[V]RTL Z
11876:29900 [11/11/11]
|–13201:Nova HD
|–13202:Prima HD
|–13203:Nova Sport 1 HD
|–13204:FANDA HD
|–13205:Nova Cinema HD
|–13206:Prima COOL HD
|–13207:DAJTO HD
|–13208:TV JOJ HD
|–13209:JOJ PLUS HD
|–13211:Nova International
11914:29900 [20/20/22]
|–20804:TV West
|–20808:Omrop Fryslan
|–20810:TV Noord
|–20814:TV Oost
|–20816:TV Gelderland
|–20818:Omroep Zeeland Televisie
|–20820:Omroep Brabant Televisie
|–20834:Fine Living.
|–20835:Fine Living CZ.
|–20836:Food Network
|–20837:Food Network CZ
|–20893:Food Network HD[HD]
|–20894:Food Network HD CZ[HD]
|–20895:Travel Channel HD[HD]
|–20897:Travel Channel HD CZ
|–20898:Travel Channel HD NL
|–20899:Outdoor Channel HD[HD]
|–20900:Outdoor Channel HD CZ
|–20901:Fine Living HD[HD]
|–20902:Fine Living HD CZ
11934:27500 [13/13/16]
|–14052:[V]Prima Comedy Central
|–14053:[V]Prima MAX HD[HD]
|–14056:[V]Prima ZOOM HD[HD]
|–14058:[V]CS Film/CS Mini
|–14059:[V]HOROR FILM
|–14060:[V]Viasat History
|–14061:[V]Viasat Explore/Spice
|–14062:[V]Viasat Nature
|–14063:[V]Prima Love
11973:29900 [14/14/14]
|–14110:[V]Nova Sport 2 HD[HD]
|–14111:[V]WAU HD[HD]
|–14115:[V]JOJ Family HD[Skylink][HD]
|–14117:[V]Leo TV
|–14118:[V]Leo TV DUT
|–14119:[V]Penthouse 1 HD[HD]
|–14120:[V]Penthouse 1 HD CZ[HD]
|–14121:[V]Penthouse 2 HD[HD]
|–14122:[V]Penthouse 2 HD CZ[HD]
|–14123:[V]eSportsTV HD[Skylink]
12031:27500 [2/2/2]
|–6101:[H]Unitel Classica HD[Skylink][HD]
|–6103:[H]AutoMotorSport HD[Skylink][HD]
12070:27500 [4/4/12]
|–13131:[H]Nova Sport 1
|–13143:[H]Prima +1
|–13144:[H]TV Joj +1
|–13145:[H]Joj Cinema
12090:29900 [16/17/18]
|–771:[V]Nat Geo HD CZ[Skylink][HD]
|–773:[V]Nat Geo Wild HD CZ[Skylink][HD]
|–774:[V]Nat Geo Wild HD DUT[Skylink][HD]
|–775:[V]HBO HD[Skylink][HD]
|–779:[V]TV Oranje[Skylink]
|–780:[V]MTV Europe CZ[Skylink]
|–782:[V]iConcerts CZ[Skylink]
|–783:[V]brava hd[Skylink]
|–784:[V]Spektrum HD[Skylink]
|–787:[V]Sport 1 CZ[Skylink]
|–788:[V]Fishing and Hunting[Skylink]
|–789:[V]AXN Czech[Skylink]
12110:27500 [18/20/21]
|–5040:Animal Planet
|–5041:Eurosport 2 HD
|–5042:Arena Sport
|–5043:History HD
|–5044:Markiza HD
|–5045:Discovery Showcase HD CZ
|–5046:DOMA HD
|–5047:Eurosport 1 HD
|–5048:Crime and Invest. CZ[Skylink]
|–5060:Discovery Showcase HD
|–5061:Doku CS
|–5062:Film Europe HD
|–5064:Crime Invest.
|–5066:Eurosport 1 HD BE
|–5067:Animal Planet CZ
|–5150:JimJam CZ
12129:29900 [23/23/28]
|–20910:[V]Film1 Comedy & Kids
|–20915:[V]Film1 Sundance
|–20920:[V]Film1 Action
|–20925:[V]Ziggo Sport Voetbal
|–20930:[V]Ziggo Sport Golf
|–20935:[V]FOX Sports EDL 3
|–20955:[V]Film1 Premiere HD
|–20957:[V]Penthouse CZ
|–20960:[V]Ziggo Sport Select HD
|–20965:[V]NGC HD
|–21116:[V]VTMKazoom/Kanaal Z
|–21217:[V]Eurosport 1HD NL
12168:27500 [1/1/3]
12188:29900 [9/11/11]
|–21020:NET5 HD
|–21025:een HD
|–21029:NPO1 HD
|–21030:Canvas HD
|–21035:Veronica/DisneyXD HD
|–21040:NPO3 HD
|–21045:FOX Sports 2 HD int
12344:29900 [7/7/7]
|–8001:CT 1 HD[Skylink]
|–8002:CT 2 HD[Skylink]
|–8004:CT Sport HD[Skylink]
|–8005:CT :D/art HD[Skylink]
|–8011:AMC Central Europe[Skylink]
12363:29500 [5/7/10]
|–4905:[V]STV1 HD
|–4906:[V]STV2 HD
|–4907:[V]TV Barrandov HD
|–4908:[V]Kino Barrandov HD
|–4909:[V]Barrandov Plus HD
Sat TotalCH = 197/209
282:Astra 2 [28.2E]
10891:22000 [1/1/1]
|–10135:[N]ITV Encore[SkyUK]
11112:22000 [4/4/5]
|–50200:[N]Cartoon Network UK[SkyUK]
|–50205:[N]Boomerang UK[SkyUK]
|–50210:[N]Boomerang UK +1[SkyUK]
|–50215:[N]Cartoon Network UK +1[SkyUK]
11141:22000 [7/12/12]
|–51088:[N]Nick Jr.[SkyUK]
|–51089:[N]Nick Jr Too[SkyUK]
|–51092:[N]Nick Jr Too[SkyUK]
11171:22000 [5/10/10]
|–51111:[N]Setanta Ireland[SkyUK]
|–51112:[N]Setanta Sports1[SkyUK]
|–51117:[N]Sony Movies[SkyUK]
|–51120:[N]Racing UK[SkyUK]
|–51122:[N]Setanta Ireland[SkyUK]
11224:23000 [1/3/3]
|–53152:[V][N]Setanta HD[SkyUK]
11225:27500 [1/1/1]
|–52001:[N]SET Max[SkyUK]
11264:27500 [4/7/8]
|–52108:[N]Star Plus UK[SkyUK]
|–52113:[N]Star Gold UK[SkyUK]
|–52175:[N]TCM UK +1[SkyUK]
|–52185:[N]Life OK UK[SkyUK]
11306:27500 [2/8/8]
|–52255:[N]Universal Channel UK[SkyUK]
|–52270:[N]Movies 24 UK +[SkyUK]
11344:27500 [4/8/10]
|–55205:[V][N]BT Sport 1[SkyUK]
|–55211:[V][N]BT Sport Europe[SkyUK]
|–55250:[V][N]BT Sport 1[SkyUK]
|–55260:[V][N]BT Sport Europe[SkyUK]
11344:27500 [3/12/15]
|–53280:[N]BT Sport 2
11464:22000 [1/1/3]
|–54214:[N]Notts TV[SkyUK]
11494:22000 [1/1/1]
|–22310:[N]Channel 22310[SkyUK]
11509:22000 [1/1/1]
|–55272:[V][N]Racing UK[SkyUK]
11523:22000 [9/12/12]
|–7600:[N]Home +1[SkyUK]
|–7605:[N]GOLD UK +1[SkyUK]
|–7620:[N]Dave Ireland[SkyUK]
|–7624:[N]Dave ja vu[SkyUK]
|–7626:[N]Good Food Channel +1[SkyUK]
|–7630:[N]Alibi UK +1[SkyUK]
|–7655:[N]GOLD Ireland[SkyUK]
|–7656:[N]Alibi Ireland[SkyUK]
|–7657:[N]Watch Ireland[SkyUK]
11582:22000 [6/12/14]
|–52400:[N]Investigation Discovery UK[SkyUK]
|–52405:[N]Animal Planet Europe +1[SkyUK]
|–52415:[N]DMAX UK[SkyUK]
|–52426:[N]Investigation Discovery UK +1[SkyUK]
|–52435:[N]Discovery History +1[SkyUK]
|–52446:[N]TLC UK +1[SkyUK]
11671:22000 [2/5/5]
|–50415:[N]ARY Digital[SkyUK]
|–50475:[N]Zee Punjabi[SkyUK]
11836:27500 [3/10/15]
11876:27500 [9/12/14]
|–6201:[N]Discovery Channel UK[SkyUK]
|–6202:[N]Animal Planet Europe[SkyUK]
|–6204:[N]Discovery Channel UK +1[SkyUK]
|–6206:[N]Discovery Science Channel UK[SkyUK]
|–6207:[N]Discovery History[SkyUK]
|–6208:[N]Discovery Home & Health UK[SkyUK
|–6209:[N]Discovery Turbo UK[SkyUK]
|–6210:[N]Discovery Channel Ireland[SkyUK]
|–6233:[N]TLC UK[SkyUK]
11895:27500 [5/11/12]
|–7001:[N]MTV UK[SkyUK]
|–7005:[N]MTV UK +1[SkyUK]
|–7006:[N]MTV Hits UK[SkyUK]
|–7008:[N]MTV Classic UK[SkyUK]
|–7014:[N]MTV Dance UK[SkyUK]
11914:27500 [8/14/14]
|–1303:[N]Sky Sports 5[SkyUK]
|–4220:[N]Sky Sports 3[SkyUK]
|–5403:[N]Sky Sports 4[SkyUK]
|–9101:[N]Disney XD[SkyUK]
|–9102:[N]Disney Chnl[SkyUK]
|–9103:[N]Disney Junior[SkyUK]
|–9105:[N]Disney Chnl+1[SkyUK]
|–9106:[N]Disney Junior+[SkyUK]
11934:27500 [11/11/11]
|–4302:[N]Sky Movies Action & Adventure HD
|–4303:[N]Sky Movies Comedy HD[SkyUK]
|–4304:[N]Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror HD[Sk
|–4306:[N]Sky Movies Select HD[SkyUK]
|–4308:[N]Sky Movies Disney HD[SkyUK]
|–4403:[N]Sky Movies Family HD[SkyUK]
|–4404:[N]Sky Movies Premiere HD[SkyUK]
|–4405:[N]Sky Movies Premiere HD +1[SkyUK]
|–4406:[N]Sky Movies Crime & Thriller HD[S
|–5502:[N]Sky Movies Drama & Romance HD[Sk
|–5650:[N]Sky Movies Greats HD[SkyUK]
12051:27500 [1/1/2]
|–7150:[N]SET Asia[SkyUK]
12110:27500 [13/19/20]
|–1306:[N]Sky Sports F1[SkyUK]
|–1307:[N]Sky Spts F1[SkyUK]
|–4208:[N]Sky Sports 2[SkyUK]
|–4214:[N]Sky Sports 1[SkyUK]
|–4216:[N]Sky Sports 1[SkyUK]
|–4221:[N]Sky Sports 1[SkyUK]
|–4511:[N]Sky Sports 3[SkyUK]
|–5719:[N]Sky Arts[SkyUK]
|–5720:[N]Sky Showcase[SkyUK]
|–6036:[N]Sky Living[SkyUK]
12129:27500 [4/7/7]
|–6508:[V][N]Good Food[SkyUK]
12148:27500 [10/18/20]
|–4611:[N]Sky Sports 1[SkyUK]
|–4907:[N]Sky Sp NewsHQ[SkyUK]
|–4908:[N]SP News[SkyUK]
|–4909:[N]Sky Sp NewsHQ[SkyUK]
|–4910:[N]Sky Sp NewsHQ[SkyUK]
|–4914:[N]Sky Sports 1[SkyUK]
|–5009:[N]Eurosport 2[SkyUK]
|–5434:[N]Sky Sports 4[SkyUK]
|–5711:[N]Sky Atlantic[SkyUK]
12188:27500 [11/14/15]
|–4012:[N]UTV Ireland[SkyUK]
|–4801:[N]FOX News[SkyUK]
|–4804:[N]At The Races[SkyUK]
|–4805:[N]Nat Geo[SkyUK]
|–4807:[N]Nat Geo Wild[SkyUK]
|–5003:[N]History +1 hour[SkyUK]
|–9315:[N]At The Races[SkyUK]
12207:27500 [7/10/12]
|–1312:[N]Sky Sports 5 Ireland[SkyUK]
|–4222:[N]Sky Sports 2 UK[SkyUK]
|–5715:[N]Sky Living UK[SkyUK]
|–5716:[N]Lifetime UK[SkyUK]
|–5717:[N]Chelsea TV[SkyUK]
12266:27500 [11/18/22]
|–1325:[N]Sky Sports News HQ in Pubs[SkyUK]
|–2804:[N]RT?News Now[SkyUK]
|–2808:[N]RT?One +1[SkyUK]
|–5563:[N]Nick Jr.[SkyUK]
Sat TotalCH = 145/299
360:Eutelsat36A/B [36.0E]
11785:27500 [21/24/25]
|–1301:Match! Arena[NTV+]
|–1302:Match! Boets[NTV+]
|–1303:Match! Igra[NTV+]
|–1304:Match! Nash Sport[NTV+]
|–1305:Match! Futbol 1[NTV+]
|–1306:Match! Futbol 2[NTV+]
|–1307:Match! Futbol 3[NTV+]
|–1308:Konniy Mir[NTV+]
|–1310:24 Doc[NTV+]
|–1311:Telekanal Zvezda[NTV+]
|–1312:Kanal Disney (0h)[NTV+]
|–1313:Muz TV (Russia)[NTV+]
|–1314:Nash Futbol[NTV+]
|–1316:360° Podmoskove[NTV+]
|–1317:RBK TV[NTV+]
|–1318:KHL TV[NTV+]
|–1322:\tWorld Fashion Channel Russia[NTV+]
|–1324:TNT Music[NTV+]
11823:27500 [6/7/7]
|–1401:Match! Futbol 2[NTV+]
|–1402:Match! Futbol 3[NTV+]
|–1403:Nash Futbol[NTV+]
|–1404:MTV Live HD[NTV+]
|–14105:NTV Plus Futbol[NTV+]
|–14106:Nickelodeon HD[NTV+]
11862:27500 [16/16/16]
|–1501:CCTV Russkij[NTV+]
|–1502:Domashnie Zhivotnye[NTV+]
|–1503:Okhota i Rybalka[NTV+]
|–1506:CBS Reality Europe[NTV+]
|–1507:Extreme sports[NTV+]
|–1512:Viasat Golf[HD]
|–1521:Bollywood TV HD[HD]
|–1522:Trace Sport Stars[HD]
|–1523:Trace Urban HD[HD]
11881:27500 [2/9/17]
|–908:Russkaya Noch [Tricolor]
|–920:TNT (0h) [Tricolor]
11900:27500 [24/26/26]
|–19101:Da Vinci Learning[NTV+]
|–19102:TV 1000 East[NTV+]
|–19103:TV 1000 Action[NTV+]
|–19104:TV 1000 Russkoe Kino[NTV+]
|–19105:Viasat Explore Russia[NTV+]
|–19106:Viasat History[NTV+]
|–19107:Viasat Nature East[NTV+]
|–19108:Viasat Sport East[NTV+]
|–19110:Russkij Extreme[NTV+]
|–19111:Perviy Obrazovatelniy[NTV+]
|–19113:5 Kanal (Ukraine)[NTV+]
|–19115:RT Arabic[NTV+]
|–19116:RT Español[NTV+]
|–19117:Armenia TV Satellite[NTV+]
|–19121:Paramount Channel Russia[NTV+]
|–19122:Ocean TV[NTV+]
|–19123:Telekanal Zvezda (+2h)[NTV+]
|–19124:Food Network Russia[NTV+]
11938:27500 [6/6/6]
|–17101:SportHit HD [HD]
|–17102:TV 1000 Comedy HD[HD]
|–17103:TV 1000 Megahit HD[HD]
|–17104:TV 1000 Premium HD[HD]
|–17105:Viasat Nature HD/Viasat History HD[HD]
|–17106:Viasat Sport East[HD]
11977:27500 [24/25/25]
|–1801:Perviy Kanal +2[NTV+]
|–1802:NTV +2[NTV+]
|–1803:TVC +2[NTV+]
|–1804:TNT +2[NTV+]
|–1805:Moya Planeta[NTV+]
|–1806:Nauka 2.0[NTV+]
|–1809:MCM Top[NTV+]
|–1813:Travel channel[NTV+]
|–1815:RT English[NTV+]
|–1816:RTG TV[NTV+]
|–1818:Dance TV[NTV+]
|–1819:Cnn International[NTV+]
|–1820:TNT 4[NTV+]
|–1822:Istoriya Telekanal[NTV+]
|–1823:Mir 24[NTV+]
|–1824:Tsargrad TV[NTV+]
12015:27500 [6/6/11]
|–2201:NTV (0h)[NTV+][HD]
|–2202:Telekanal KHL HD[NTV+][HD]
|–2203:Konniy Mir[NTV+][HD]
|–2204:Match TV[NTV+][HD]
|–2205:Dom Kino Premium[NTV+][HD]
12092:27500 [24/24/24]
|–2101:Telekanal 2×2[NTV+]
|–2102:Amedia 1[NTV+]
|–2103:Amedia Hit[NTV+]
|–2104:Amedia Premium[NTV+]
|–2105:CCTV 4 Europe[NTV+]
|–2106:CCTV News[NTV+]
|–2108:Illusion +[NTV+]
|–2109:Nashe TV[NTV+]
|–2110:Nuart TV[NTV+]
|–2111:Russkiy Illusion[NTV+]
|–2112:Perviy kanal[NTV+]
|–2113:TV Centr Evropa[NTV+]
|–2114:Moskva 24[NTV+]
|–2115:Sovershenno sekretno[NTV+]
|–2116:TV XXI[NTV+]
|–2117:Amedia 2[NTV+]
|–2118:Bridge TV[NTV+]
|–2119:Rusong TV[NTV+]
|–2121:Tiji Russia[NTV+]
|–2123:BBC World News Europe[NTV+]
|–2124:Perviy Meteo[NTV+]
12130:27500 [6/6/6]
|–20101:\tMatch! Futbol 2[HD]
|–20102:HD kino 2 [HD]
|–20103:sport 1 HD [HD]
|–20104:The MGM Ch\tannel East Europe [HD]
|–20105:Perviy kanal HD [HD]
|–20106:Rossiya 1 (0h)[HD]
12190:20000 [2/6/10]
|–25010:Dom Kino[Tricolor]
|–25050:365 dnei TV[Tricolor]
12207:27500 [6/6/6]
|–26001:Nash Futbol[HD]
|–26002:NationalGeographicHD [HD]
|–26003:AmediaPremiumHD [HD]
|–26004:History Russia[HD]
|–26005:TLC Russia[HD]
|–26006:Travel Channel HD Europe[HD]
12226:27500 [5/11/14]
|–27005:Perviy kanal [Tricolor]
|–27010:Rossiya 1 [Tricolor]
|–27015:NTV [Tricolor]
|–27040:Rossiya 24 [Tricolor]
|–27050:5 Kanal [Tricolor]
12245:27500 [22/22/24]
|–703:Detskiy Mir[NTV+]
|–704:BBC World News[NTV+]
|–705:Blomberg TV[NTV+]
|–706:Eurosport 2[NTV+]
|–707:France 24\t[NTV+]
|–712:Sony Turbo[NTV+]
|–713:world busines channel[NTV+]
|–715:Zagoronnaya Zhizn[NTV+]
|–716:Radost moya[NTV+]
|–717:Uzniy region D[NTV+]
|–719:Mir seriala[NTV+]
|–720:Bryanskaya gubernia[NTV+]
|–721:Perviy Jaroslavskiy[NTV+]
|–722:Dom Kino Premium[NTV+]
|–723:Azad TV[NTV+]
|–724:Shanson TV[NTV+]
12265:27500 [10/10/10]
|–1001:Match! Arena[NTV+]
|–1002:Match! Igra[NTV+]
|–1003:5 Kanal (0h)[NTV+]
|–1004:REN TV[NTV+]
|–1005:Rossiya K[NTV+]
|–1006:Rossiya 24[NTV+]
|–1007:Telekanal Spas[NTV+]
|–1008:TV 3 (0h)[NTV+]
12284:27500 [23/24/24]
|–801:Animal Planet Russia[NTV+]
|–802:Cartoon Network Russia & South East Eur
|–803:\tDiscovery Channel Russia[NTV+]
|–806:Fox Life Russia[NTV+]
|–807:Investigation Discovery Xtra[NTV+]
|–808:Karusel International[NTV+]
|–809:MTV Russia[NTV+]
|–810:MTV Dance[NTV+]
|–811:MTV Hits[NTV+]
|–812:MTV Rocks[NTV+]
|–813:National Geographic Channel Russia[NTV+
|–814:Nick Jr Polska[NTV+]
|–815:TLC Russia[NTV+]
|–816:VH1 Classic Europe[NTV+]
|–817:VH1 Europe[NTV+]
|–820:Dom Kino[NTV+]
|–823:Muzika (Russia)[NTV+]
|–824:Telecafé (Russia)[NTV+]
12303:27500 [4/7/18]
|–31040:Telekanal Domashniy [Tricolor]
|–31050:STS [Tricolor]
|–31150:[N]STS (0h)[Tricolor]
12322:27500 [24/25/25]
|–101:365 dnei TV[HD]
|–102:Auto Plus[HD]
|–103:Europa Plus TV[HD]
|–104:Indijskoe Kino[HD]
|–109:Kto est kto[HD]
|–110:Kuhnya TV[HD]
|–111:La Minor[HD]
|–112:Match! Planeta[HD]
|–113:Mnogo TV[HD]
|–114:Muzhskoe Kino[HD]
|–115:Rodnoe Kino[HD]
|–116:Nashe Novoe Kino[HD]
|–118:Nuart TV[HD]
|–120:Russkaya Noch (00-06)[HD]
|–121:Egoist TV[HD]
|–122:[X]Blue Hustler Europe (22-04)[HD]
|–123:KVN TV[HD]
12341:27500 [12/12/12]
|–1101:Perviy kanal (0h)[NTV+]
|–1102:Domashniy (0h)[NTV+]
|–1105:STS (0h)[NTV+]
|–1106:STS Love[NTV+]
|–1108:TNV Planeta[NTV+]
|–1109:Che (0h)[NTV+]
|–1110:Discovery Science[NTV+]
|–1113:Zoo Park[NTV+]
|–1114:Kino TV (Russia)[NTV+]
|–1115:Russkaya Komediya[NTV+]
12399:27500 [6/6/6]
|–12102:Match! Igra[HD]
|–12103:HD Life[HD]
|–12104:Match! Arena[HD]
|–12105:Discovery Channel Russia[HD]
|–12106:KHL TV HD[HD]
12437:27500 [22/22/24]
|–402:REN +2[NTV+]
|–403:Karusel +3[NTV+]
|–404:Konniy Mir[NTV+]
|–405:Fashion TV Network[NTV+]
|–406:Nano Tv[NTV+]
|–407:Luxury World[NTV+]
|–408:Mir Belogorya[NTV+]
|–409:9 Volna[NTV+]
|–411:Arhyiz 24[NTV+]
|–412:Mir +3[NTV+]
|–413:Pyatiy Kanal +2[NTV+]
|–414:Nautical channel[NTV+]
|–415:Nica TV[NTV+]
|–417:Moskva Doverie[NTV+]
|–421:Zee tV Rossiya[NTV+]
|–422:Boks TV[NTV+]
|–423:TRO Soyuza[NTV+]
Sat TotalCH = 271/302
390:Hellas Sat 2 [39.0E]
11135:30000 [28/28/31]
|–461:RTS 1 [Bulsatcom]
|–462:RTS 2 [Bulsatcom]
|–463:Arena Sport 1 [Bulsatcom]
|–464:Arena Sport 2 [Bulsatcom]
|–465:Arena Sport 3 [Bulsatcom]
|–466:Arena Sport 4 [Bulsatcom]
|–467:Best [Bulsatcom]
|–468:Prva Srpska TV [Bulsatcom]
|–469:TV Novi Pazar [Bulsatcom]
|–470:TV B92 [Bulsatcom]
|–471:Happy TV [Bulsatcom]
|–472:AXN Adria [Bulsatcom]
|–473:Discovery Channel Srbija [Bulsatcom]
|–474:B92 Info [Bulsatcom]
|–475:Arena Sport BiH [Bulsatcom]
|–476:RTV 1 [Bulsatcom]
|–477:National Geographic Channel Srbija [Bul
|–478:Sky +[Bulsatcom]
|–479:Minimax Romania (06-20)[Bulsatcom]
|–481:TV Puls (Serbia) [Bulsatcom]
|–482:Arena Sport 5[Bulsatcom]
|–483:BNT World [Bulsatcom]
|–487:Alfa TV [Bulsatcom]
|–488:The MGM Channel Southeast Europe [Bulsa
|–489:Comedy Central Bulgaria & Romania [Buls
|–496:City TV [Bulsatcom]
|–499:Cinemax East Europe [Bulsatcom]
12524:30000 [11/13/34]
|–1002:Planeta TV [Bulsatcom]
|–1003:BNT 1 [Bulsatcom]
|–1007:BTV [Bulsatcom]
|–1008:Destination BG
|–1010:TV + [Bulsatcom]
|–1011:Film Plus [Bulsatcom]
|–1012:Nova TV [Bulsatcom]
|–1013:Kino Nova [Bulsatcom]
|–1014:Hobby TV [Bulsatcom]
|–1016:Discovery Channel Bulgaria [Bulsatcom]
|–1130:Diema [Bulsatcom]
12565:30000 [11/12/27]
|–108:Favorit TV
|–110:N 24 Plus
|–111:Viasat Explorer East [Bulsatcom]
|–112:Disney Channel Bulgaria [Bulsatcom]
|–113:TCM Russia & South East Europe [Bul
|–116:Nat Geo Wild Europe [Bulsatcom]
|–118:Fox Bulgaria [Bulsatcom]
|–122:Super 7 [Bulsatcom]
|–124:DM Sat [Bulsatcom]
|–125:BTV Lady [Bulsatcom]
|–126:[X]Private Spice [Bulsatcom]
12606:30000 [16/17/19]
|–32:Destination BG [Bulsatcom]
|–33:BG Lov [Bulsatcom]
|–34:Animal Planet Europe [Bulsatcom]
|–35:Perviy kanal Europa [Bulsatcom]
|–36:24 Kitchen Bulgaria [Bulsatcom]
|–37:History Europe [Bulsatcom]
|–38:Da Vinci Learning [Bulsatcom]
|–39:MTV Hits UK [Bulsatcom]
|–40:Fine Living Network [Bulsatcom]
|–41:Bulgaria On Air [Bulsatcom]
|–42:Cinemax Central Europe [Bulsatcom]
|–43:Eurosport 1[Bulsatcom]
|–45:Disney Junior Romania & Bulgaria [B
|–48:Film Plus
|–49:TV Evropa [Bulsatcom]
12647:30000 [10/18/41]
|–21:HBO Adria [Bulsatcom]
|–22:Eurosport [Bulsatcom]
|–203:Hobby TV HD [Bulsatcom]
|–204:Hobby TV HD [Bulsatcom]
|–205:Film Plus HD [Bulsatcom]
|–206:Planeta HD [Bulsatcom]
|–207:BTV [Bulsatcom]
|–209:TV B92
|–210:Nat Geo Wild Europe [Bulsatcom]
12688:30000 [16/18/39]
|–1:Diema Family [Bulsatcom]
|–2:National Geographic Channel Bulgaria [B
|–6:BNT 2 [Bulsatcom]
|–9:Nova Sport [Bulsatcom]
|–10:Eurosport 2 North-East [Bulsatcom]
|–12:TV 7 [Bulsatcom]
|–16:AXN Bulgaria [Bulsatcom]
|–17:BG Top Music [Bulsatcom]
|–28:Fox Life Bulgaria [Bulsatcom]
|–30:Fox Crime Bulgaria [Bulsatcom]
|–303:BTV Cinema [Bulsatcom]
|–304:News 7 [Bulsatcom]
|–311:BTV Comedy [Bulsatcom]
|–315:BTV Action [Bulsatcom]
|– [Bulsatcom]
Sat TotalCH = 92/113
420:Turksat 2A/3A [42.0E]
12461:20800 [7/7/7]
|–13105:Fox Crime T¨¹rkiye
|–13106:National Geographic T¨¹rkiye
|–13107:FX T¨¹rkiye
|–13108:Nat Geo People
|–13109:24 Kitchen T¨¹rkiye
|–13110:Fox Life Turkey
|–13111:Nat Geo Wild T¨¹rkiye
Sat TotalCH = 7/21
450:Intelsat 12 [45.0E]
11468:27689 [2/25/26]
|–317:631,0[Dialog TV]
|–326:631,0[Dialog TV]
Sat TotalCH = 2/94
560:Bonum 1 [56.0E]
12149:27500 [2/9/15]
|–23004:Domashniy (+4h)[Tricolor]
|–23009:Brazzers TV Europe (23-05)[Tricolor]
12169:27500 [13/28/28]
|–56501:[V]Match! Futbol 2[NTV+Vostok]
|–56504:[V]Match! Boets[NTV+Vostok]
|–56505:[V]\tEuropa Plus TV[NTV+Vostok]
|–56506:[V]\tIndia TV (Russia)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56507:[V]Kanal Disney[NTV+Vostok]
|–56508:[V]Komedia TV[NTV+Vostok]
|–56511:[V]Mnogo TV[NTV+Vostok]
|–56512:[V]365 dnei TV[NTV+Vostok]
|–56513:[V]TNT 4[NTV+Vostok]
|–56517:[V]Match! Futbol 3[NTV+Vostok]
|–56525:[V]\tMuzhskoye Kino[NTV+Vostok]
|–56527:[V]Russkaya Noch[NTV+Vostok]
12188:27500 [2/7/14]
|–25001:Nochnoy Club[Tricolor]
12226:27500 [4/12/14]
|–27001:STS (+4h)[Tricolor]
|–27006:Rossiya 1 (+4h)[Tricolor]
|–27012:5 Kanal (0h)[Tricolor]
|–27013:Rossiya 24[Tricolor]
12245:27500 [11/28/29]
|–56602:[V]Illusion +[NTV+Vostok]
|–56605:[V]Animal Planet Russia[NTV+Vostok]
|–56606:[V]Cartoon Network Russia & South East
|–56608:[V]Fox Russia[NTV+Vostok]
|–56609:[V]\tFox Life Russia\t[NTV+Vostok]
|–56612:[V]\tEurosport 1 International[NTV+Vost
|–56614:[V]Dom Kino Premium[NTV+Vostok]
|–56618:[V]Nat Geo Wild Russia[NTV+Vostok]
12322:27500 [15/27/29]
|–56304:[V]Nashe Novoe Kino[NTV+Vostok]
|–56305:[V]Kino Plus[NTV+Vostok]
|–56306:[V]\tNashe Kino[NTV+Vostok]
|–56308:[V]Muz TV (Russia)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56309:[V]Domashniy (0h)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56312:[V]NTV (+4h)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56314:[V]\tChe (0h)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56318:[V]Rossiya 1 (+4h)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56321:[V]Outdoor Channel[NTV+Vostok]
|–56323:[V]History Russia[NTV+Vostok]
|–56326:[V]RUSONG TV[NTV+Vostok]
|–56327:[V]Hustler TV[NTV+Vostok]
12399:27500 [15/28/29]
|–56402:[V]\t5 Kanal (0h)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56403:[V]\tTV Centr Ural (+2h)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56405:[V]TNT (+4h)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56413:[V]\tRossiya 24[NTV+Vostok]
|–56415:[V]\tMatch! Arena[NTV+Vostok]
|–56417:[V]\tU (0h)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56419:[V]\tPyatnitsa! (0h)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56420:[V]Travel Channel[NTV+Vostok]
|–56427:[V]Russian Extreme TV[NTV+Vostok]
|–56429:[V]Karusel (0h)[NTV+Vostok]
|–56430:[V]Dom Kino[NTV+Vostok]
12476:27500 [4/7/7]
|–56201:[V]HD Kino[HD]
|–56202:[V]HD Kino 2[HD]
|–56204:[V]\tMatch! Futbol 1[HD]
|–56205:[V]Perviy kanal (+4h)[HD]
Sat TotalCH = 66/166
785:Thaicom 5 [78.5E]
12355:30000 [1/20/25]
12438:30000 [1/13/24]
Sat TotalCH = 2/50
850:Intelsat 15 [85.0E]
11720:28800 [7/8/9]
|–701:Disney[Telekarta ]
|–707:Peretz[Telekarta ]
|–708:TNT Comedy[Telekarta ]
|–711:Domashniy[Telekarta ]
|–713:MUZ[Telekarta ]
|–714:Evronovosti[Telekarta ]
11760:28800 [17/21/23]
|–1301:Gamanoid TV tests[Telekarta ]
|–1304:Extreme Sports Channel[Telekarta ]
|–1308:Bryanskaya gubernia[Telekarta ]
|–1309:Semya[Telekarta ]
|–1311:Oblastnoe TV[Telekarta ]
|–1312:Egoist TV[Telekarta ]
|–1313:nuart tv[Telekarta ]
|–1314:Rusong TV[Telekarta ]
|–1315:Playboy TV UK[Telekarta ]
|–1316:Russkaya Noch[Telekarta ]
|–1318:Detskiy[Telekarta ]
|–1319:Zoo Park[Telekarta ]
|–1320:Evrokino[Telekarta ]
|–1321:Russkiy Illusion[Telekarta ]
|–1322:Illusion +[Telekarta ]
|–1324:Mezzo live HD[Telekarta ][HD]
|–1325:MGM HD[Telekarta ][HD]
11800:28800 [9/10/10]
|–1401:TV 1000 Premium HD[Telekarta ][HD]
|–1402:TV 1000 Megahit HD[Telekarta ][HD]
|–1403:TV 1000 Comedy HD[Telekarta ]
|–1404:Eurosport International[Telekarta ][HD]
|–1406:Zhivaya Priroda[Telekarta ][HD]
|–1407:Prodvizhenie[Telekarta ]
|–1408:360?Podmoskove[Telekarta ][HD]
|–1409:Dange TV[Telekarta ]
|–1410:Topsong TV[Telekarta ]
11840:28800 [16/16/18]
|–801:sts +0[Telekarta ]
|–802:sts +2[Telekarta ]
|–803:CH +0[Telekarta ]
|–804:CH +2[Telekarta ]
|–805:home 0[Telekarta ]
|–806:home 2[Telekarta ]
|–807:NTV[Telekarta ]
|–808:STS[Telekarta ]
|–809:OTR[Telekarta ][HD]
|–810:Animal Planet HD[Telekarta ][HD]
|–812:Amedia Premium HD[Telekarta ][HD]
|–813:Amedia 1[Telekarta ]
|–815:RTG TV[Telekarta ]
|–816:Bridge TV[Telekarta ]
|–817:vid tv[Telekarta ]
11880:15000 [4/4/4]
|–1601:patnitsha[Telekarta ]
|–1602:Mir[Telekarta ]
|–1603:Perviy kanal[Telekarta ]
|–1604:Rossiya 1[Telekarta ]
11920:28800 [15/18/21]
|–1201:Istoriya Telekanal[Telekarta ]
|–1202:otrk[Telekarta ]
|–1204:Okhota i Rybalka[Telekarta ]
|–1205:Mir Uvlecheniy[Telekarta ]
|–1206:RTG HD[Telekarta ]
|–1210:Ege TV[Telekarta ]
|–1212:Bashkirskoe Sputnikovoe TV[Telekarta ]
|–1214:Telekanal Teatr[Telekarta ]
|–1215:Paramount Comedy Russia[Telekarta ]
|–1218:Ocean TV[Telekarta ]
|–1219:Mir Seriala[Telekarta ]
|–1220:Detski Mir[Telekarta ]
|–1221:Shanson TV[Telekarta ]
|–1222:Multimania[Telekarta ]
|–1223:fashion HD[Telekarta ][HD]
11960:28800 [13/13/18]
|–901:Rossiya HD[Telekarta ][HD]
|–903:Travel Channel HD Europe[Telekarta ][HD
|–904:perviy kanal HD +4[Telekarta ][HD]
|–906:Maidan[Telekarta ]
|–907:U[Telekarta ]
|–910:telekarta kino[Telekarta ]
|–914:Discovery Science Channel[Telekarta ]
|–915:Shant TV[Telekarta ]
|–916:Food Network Russia[Telekarta ]
|–918:Soversheno Sekretno TV[Telekarta ]
|–919:Nashe TV[Telekarta ]
|–920:Fine Living[Telekarta ]
12000:28000 [6/8/9]
|–301:Ru TV[Telekarta ]
|–306:Amedia 2[Telekarta ]
|–307:TV 3[Telekarta ]
|–308:TNV Tatarstan[Telekarta ]
|–309:TVCENTR moskva[Telekarta ]
|–310:Lubimoe Kino[Telekarta ]
12040:28800 [6/7/9]
|–1101:spas[Telekarta ]
|–1105:Paramount Channel Russia[Telekarta ]
|–1111:Discovery Channel Russia[Telekarta ]
|–1112:Animal Planet Russia[Telekarta ]
|–1113:TLC Russia[Telekarta ]
|–1114:Investigation Discovery Xtra[Telekarta
12080:28800 [25/27/28]
|–401:Strana[Telekarta ]
|–402:Telekanal 2×2[Telekarta ]
|–403:Rossiya 1[Telekarta ]
|–404:Kino TV[Telekarta ]
|–405:istoriya[Telekarta ]
|–406:Nickelodeon CIS[Telekarta ]
|–407:Discovery Turbo Xtra East Europe[Teleka
|–408:9 Volna[Telekarta ]
|–409:VH1 Classic Europe[Telekarta ]
|–411:Mir[Telekarta ]
|–412:MTV Hits[Telekarta ]
|–413:TNT[Telekarta ]
|–414:Perviy kanal[Telekarta ]
|–415:Russkiy Roman[Telekarta ]
|–416:russkiy detektiv[Telekarta ]
|–417:Telecaf?[Telekarta ]
|–418:Horoshee Kino[Telekarta ]
|–419:Techno 24[Telekarta ]
|–420:Russkiy Bestseller[Telekarta ]
|–421:Zhivaya Planeta[Telekarta ]
|–422:SET Russia[Telekarta ]
|–425:TRO[Telekarta ]
|–426:ani[Telekarta ]
|–427:park razvlecheniy[Telekarta ]
|–428:prodvijenie +3[Telekarta ]
12120:28800 [16/16/16]
|–501:C Music TV[Telekarta ][HD]
|–502:Sport 1[Telekarta ][HD]
|–503:Outdoor Channel International[Telekarta
|–504:SONY hd[Telekarta ][HD]
|–505:Nauka 2.0[Telekarta ]
|–506:Moya Planeta[Telekarta ]
|–507:TV XXI[Telekarta ]
|–508:Boytsovskiy Klub[Telekarta ]
|–509:MULT[Telekarta ]
|–511:RBK TV[Telekarta ]
|–512:Sony Sci-Fi Russia[Telekarta ]
|–513:NS TV[Telekarta ]
|–514:Moskva 24[Telekarta ]
|–515:Mama[Telekarta ]
|–516:Sony Sci-Fi Russia[Telekarta ]
|–517:AVTO 24[Telekarta ]
12160:28800 [6/6/12]
|–602:SET Russia[Telekarta ]
|–603:Perviy kanal[Telekarta ]
|–604:Mezzo Live HD[Telekarta ]
|–608:Sarafan[Telekarta ]
|–610:Park Razvlicenii[Telekarta ]
|–612:Telekanal Spas[Telekarta ]
12560:30000 [11/11/11]
|–1501:Da Vinci Learning[Telekarta ]
|–1502:TV 1000 Russkoe Kino[Telekarta ]
|–1503:TV 1000 Action[Telekarta ]
|–1504:TV 1000 East[Telekarta ]
|–1505:Viasat Explore Russia[Telekarta ]
|–1506:Viasat History[Telekarta ]
|–1507:Viasat Nature East[Telekarta ]
|–1508:Viasat Sport East[Telekarta ]
|–1510:KHL TV HD[Telekarta ][HD]
|–1511:Eurosport International[Telekarta ]
|–1512:Eurosport 2 North-East[Telekarta ]
12600:30000 [8/9/10]
|–204:Travel Channel Europe[Telekarta ]
|–205:Krik TV[Telekarta ]
|–206:Moskva 24[Telekarta ]
|–207:Europa Plus TV[Telekarta]
|–216:Gulli[Telekarta ]
|–222:Evronovosti[Telekarta ]
|–229:Zee TV Russia[Telekarta ]
|–231:Tiji Russia[Telekarta ]
12640:30000 [13/14/14]
|–101:Perviy kanal[Telekarta ]
|–102:Rossiya 1[Telekarta ]
|–103:Rossiya K[Telekarta ]
|–106:Rossiya 2[Telekarta ]
|–107:5 Kanal[Telekarta ]
|–108:NTV[Telekarta ]
|–110:KHL TV[Telekarta ]
|–111:STS[Telekarta ]
|–114:TNT[Telekarta ]
|–115:Karusel[Telekarta ]
|–116:Muzhskoy[Telekarta ]
|–117:REN TV[Telekarta ]
|–118:Zagorodnaya Zhizn[Telekarta ]
Sat TotalCH = 172/214
915:Measat 3/3a [91.5E]
12523:30000 [8/10/12]
|–7020:Star Movies HD India
|–7030:Star Plus HD India
|–7040:M Tunes
|–7050:Star Sports HD 2
|–7060:Star Sports HD 1
|–7080:Ten HD
|–7090:Zee TV HD
12603:29999 [1/13/40]
|–119:Life OK[Sun Direct]
Sat TotalCH = 9/122
950:NSS 6 [95.0E]
11090:30000 [1/16/17]
|–33200:[H]THANTHI TV[DishTV]
11990:43000 [10/14/40]
|–60107:[H]SAUDI ARABIA 1[DishTV]
|–60113:[H]SINDH TV[DishTV]
|–60115:[H]ARY QTV[DishTV]
|–60119:[H]ARY ZINDAGI[DishTV]
|–60120:[H]CAPITAL NEWS[DishTV]
|–60147:[H]SILVER SCREEN[DishTV]
|–60151:[H]MASALA TV[DishTV]
|–60152:[H]DAWN NEWS[DishTV]
|–60153:[H]ARY NEWS[DishTV]
|–60154:[H]AAJ NEWS[DishTV]
12170:40700 [26/26/31]
|–60001:[H]THE BUDDHIST[DishTV]
|–60005:[H]HIRU TV[DishTV]
|–60006:[H]ARY DIGITAL[DishTV]
|–60008:[H]A PLUS[DishTV]
|–60010:[H]BBS 2[DishTV]
|–60012:[H]ARY MUSIK[DishTV]
|–60015:[H]PTV HOME[DishTV]
|–60017:[H]HUM TV[DishTV]
|–60019:[H]CHANNEL I[DishTV]
|–60020:[H]EXPRESS NEWS[DishTV]
|–60021:[H]AVT KHYBER[DishTV]
|–60023:[H]SHAMSHAD TV[DishTV]
|–60024:[H]ATN BANGLA[DishTV]
|–60064:[H]DUNYA NEWS[DishTV]
|–60065:[H]SAMAA TV[DishTV]
|–60103:[H]VASANTHAM TV[DishTV]
12535:43200 [23/25/31]
|–20309:[V]MAA TV[DishTV]
|–20311:[V]STAR SPORTS 4[DishTV]
|–22410:[V]ZEE TELUGU[DishTV]
|–32015:[V]ZOOM TV[DishTV]
|–32025:[V]RAJ TV[DishTV]
|–32034:[V]ZEE TALKIES[DishTV]
|–33015:[V]TV 10 TELUGU NEWS[DishTV]
|–33070:[V]NDTV GOOD TIMES[DishTV]
|–33084:[V]STAR PRAVAH[DishTV]
|–33086:[V]ABP ANANDA[DishTV]
|–33120:[V]SONY AATH[DishTV]
|–33127:[V]NEO SPORTS[DishTV]
|–33164:[V]MOVIES NOW[DishTV]
|–33177:[V]JAYA PLUS[DishTV]
|–33179:[V]ADITHYA TV[DishTV]
|–33208:[V]MEDIA ONE[DishTV]
|–33238:[V]SONY MAX 2[DishTV]
|–33300:[V]EPIC TV[DishTV]
12595:43200 [21/27/27]
|–26106:[H]ASIANET NEWS[DishTV]
|–26107:[H]ASIANET PLUS[DishTV]
|–32013:[H]STAR VIJAY[DishTV]
|–33005:[H]UDAYA TV[DishTV]
|–33006:[H]UDAYA MOVIES[DishTV]
|–33007:[H]UDAYA NEWS[DishTV]
|–33008:[H]UDAYA MUSIC[DishTV]
|–33011:[H]GEMINI TV[DishTV]
|–33012:[H]GEMINI COMEDY[DishTV]
|–33068:[H]TV 5[DishTV]
|–33116:[H]TEN 3[DishTV]
|–33121:[H]SAKSHI TV[DishTV]
|–33123:[H]JAYA MAX[DishTV]
|–33257:[H]9X TASHAN[DishTV]
|–33339:[H]BABY TV[DishTV]
12595:43200 [26/28/31]
|–32023:[V]MANORAMA NEWS[DishTV]
|–33002:[V]SUN MUSIC[DishTV]
|–33003:[V]SUN NEWS[DishTV]
|–33009:[V]KIRAN TV[DishTV]
|–33010:[V]SURYA TV[DishTV]
|–33048:[V]JAYA TV[DishTV]
|–33049:[V]TV9 KANNADA[DishTV]
|–33050:[V]TV9 TELUGU[DishTV]
|–33128:[V]NEO PRIME[DishTV]
|–33174:[V]KAIRALI TV[DishTV]
|–33187:[V]SARTHAK TV[DishTV]
|–33192:[V]KOLKATA TV[DishTV]
|–33193:[V]PTC NEWS[DishTV]
|–33209:[V]JALSHA MOVIES[DishTV]
|–33210:[V]ROMEDY NOW[DishTV]
|–33243:[V]T NEWS[DishTV]
|–33260:[V]STAR SPORTS 2[DishTV]
|–33261:[V]SUVARNA PLUS[DishTV]
|–33326:[V]MH 1[DishTV]
|–33347:[V]ETV CINEMA[DishTV]
|–33350:[V]PARAS TV[DishTV]
|–33364:[V]BUZZ 2[DishTV]
12647:30000 [17/20/20]
|–20398:[H]ZEE KANNADA[DishTV]
|–20603:[H]ZEE ACTION[DishTV]
|–31004:[H]ANIMAL PLANET[DishTV]
|–31005:[H]SONY SAB[DishTV]
|–31010:[H]TEN 1[DishTV]
|–31011:[H]SONY PIX[DishTV]
|–33106:[H]ZEE SALAAM[DishTV]
|–33296:[H]SONY ESPN[DishTV]
|–33344:[H]BBC WORLD NEWS[DishTV]
12647:32700 [22/23/23]
|–33001:[V]K TV[DishTV]
|–33004:[V]CHUTTI TV[DishTV]
|–33033:[V]ZEE CINEMA[DishTV]
|–33130:[V]GEMINI MOVIES[DishTV]
|–33137:[V]SUVARNA NEWS[DishTV]
|–33138:[V]UDAYA COMEDY[DishTV]
|–33140:[V]MAA MUSIC[DishTV]
|–33141:[V]MAA GOLD[DishTV]
|–33142:[V]MAA MOVIES[DishTV]
|–33144:[V]IBN LOKMAT[DishTV]
|–33151:[V]TARANG MUSIC[DishTV]
|–33157:[V]NGC WILD[DishTV]
|–33175:[V]MAHUA TV[DishTV]
|–33176:[V]SONY SIX[DishTV]
|–33201:[V]MOVIES OK[DishTV]
|–33256:[V]9X JHAKAAS[DishTV]
|–33306:[V]FLOWERS TV[DishTV]
12688:32700 [11/13/16]
|–33357:[H]FYI TV18[DishTV]
|–33366:[H]ETV ORIYA NEWS[DishTV]
|–40009:[H]MAX HD[DishTV]
|–40035:[H]SONY HD[DishTV]
|–40060:[H]&TV HD[DishTV]
|–40061:[H]ZEE TV HD[DishTV]
|–40062:[H]ZEE CINEMA HD[DishTV]
|–40079:[H]COLORS HD[DishTV]
|–40082:[H]&PICTURES HD[DishTV]
|–40093:[H]STAR GOLD HD[DishTV]
12688:27500 [9/10/11]
|–20360:[V]ZEE TV[DishTV]
|–20364:[V]ZEE MARATHI[DishTV]
|–20369:[V]ZEE STUDIO[DishTV]
|–22508:[V]DISH BUZZ[DishTV]
|–31001:[V]SONY MAX[DishTV]
|–32000:[V]STAR PLUS[DishTV]
|–32001:[V]LIFE OK[DishTV]
|–33190:[V]ZEE Q[DishTV]
12729:32700 [19/22/22]
|–22603:[V]ETV URDU[DishTV]
|–32012:[V]CHANNEL V[DishTV]
|–33000:[V]SUN TV[DishTV]
|–33013:[V]GEMINI MUSIC[DishTV]
|–33034:[V]TEN 2[DishTV]
|–33037:[V]CNBC TV 18[DishTV]
|–33039:[V]STAR SPORTS 3[DishTV]
|–33044:[V]NDTV 24×7[DishTV]
|–33045:[V]CNN INTL[DishTV]
|–33061:[V]PTC PUNJABI[DishTV]
|–33066:[V]UTV MOVIES[DishTV]
|–33093:[V]ET NOW[DishTV]
|–33112:[V]TV9 GUJARATI[DishTV]
Sat TotalCH = 185/246
1320:Vinasat 1 [132.0E]
10968:28800 [10/10/10]
|–802:VTC HD2[VTC]
|–803:VTC HD1[VTC]
|–804:VTC3 HD[VTC]
|–805:ITV HD[VTC]
|–808:HBO HD[VTC]
|–809:AXN HD[VTC]
11008:28800 [13/13/14]
|–24:HA NOI 1[VTC]
11048:28800 [11/11/15]
|–4207:LET’S VIET
11085:24000 [9/9/21]
|–1818:NGC HD[VTC]
11135:9600 [11/11/12]
|–1506:FOX SPORTS 2[VTC]
11549:28500 [14/14/16]
|–8:VTVcab9-INFO TV
|–14:HANOI 1
|–18:VTVcab10-O2 TV
|–19:VTVcab7-D DRAMAS
11589:28800 [20/20/21]
|–2004:VTV CANTHO1
|–2006:TODAY TV
|–2009:VINH LONG 1
|–2012:VTVcab6-K.H G.TRI
|–2013:SCTV2-YAN TV
|–2015:VTVcab12-STYLE TV
|–2018:You TV-Phu Nu&Gia Dinh
11629:28800 [9/9/20]
|–3108:CHANNEL V
|–3112:TV5 MONDE
|–3115:HANOI 2
Sat TotalCH = 97/98
1560:Optus C1/D3 [156.0E]
11720:29455 [1/7/7]
|–14002:National Geographic Channel HD Australi
11886:27800 [4/9/9]
|–7002:Foxtel Movies Comedy[Foxtel]
|–7003:Foxtel Movies Action[Foxtel]
|–7004:Foxtel Movies Romance[Foxtel]
|–7009:How To Channel[Foxtel]
11928:27800 [1/6/8]
|–11005:Discovery Turbo Max[Foxtel]
11970:27800 [1/10/10]
|–18009:The Lifestyle Channel +2[Foxtel]
12011:29455 [1/7/7]
|–20004:Foxtel Movies Romance[HD]
12136:27800 [3/6/19]
|–9001:Foxtel Box Office 9[Foxtel]
|–9007:A&E Australia[Foxtel]
12358:27800 [4/8/8]
|–2001:Nickelodeon Australia[Foxtel]
|–2004:World Movies Channel[Foxtel]
|–2007:Discovery Channel Australia[Foxtel]
|–2008:Discovery Channel Australia[Foxtel]
12398:27800 [2/8/10]
|–4002:Ant1 Pacific[Foxtel]
|–4009:ESPN Australia[Foxtel]
12478:27800 [2/7/10]
|–3002:Fox Sports 2 Australia[Foxtel]
|–3005:Foxtel Digital Help[Foxtel]
12518:27800 [2/9/10]
|–15002:13th Street Australia +2[Foxtel]
|–15010:CBeebies Australia[Foxtel]
12558:27800 [5/10/10]
|–1001:TV 1[Foxtel]
|–1002:Foxtel Movies Premiere[Foxtel]
|–1008:Fox 8[Foxtel]
12598:27800 [2/10/10]
|–5004:Disney Channel Australia[Foxtel]
|–5005:Channel V Australia[Foxtel]
12638:27800 [3/10/11]
|–12007:Cartoon Network Australia[Foxtel]
|–12009:Discovery Science Channel South East As
|–12010:Nick Jr Australia[Foxtel]
12689:27800 [2/6/7]
|–22001:Sky News Australia[Foxtel]
|–22007:111 Hits[Foxtel]
Sat TotalCH = 33/131
3300:Hispasat [30.0W]
11731:27500 [10/13/13]
|–26:Cosmopolitan TV Espa?[D+]
|–33:Historia Espa?[Nos]
|–36:A&E Iberia[D+]
|–48:D Cine Espa?l[D+]
|–66:Caza y Pesca[Nos]
|–72:Disney XD Espa?[D+]
|–97:Discovery Channel Iberia[D+]
|–100:Canal 24 Horas[Nos]
|–111:TVI Internacional[D+]
|–3058:Movistar Moto GP[D+]
11811:27500 [7/9/9]
|–13:Antena 3[D+]
|–54:Canal + Deportes 2 HD[D+]
|–62:Real Madrid TV Espa?l[D+]
|–76:Canal Panda Espa?[D+]
|–93:Discovery Max[D+]
|–94:Paramount Channel Espa?[D+]
11851:27500 [10/10/10]
|–1:Canal + Estrenos[D+]
|–2:Canal + Series Xtra[D+]
|–23:Comedy Central Espa?[D+]
|–37:Canal Cocina[D+]
|–45:TCM Espa?[D+]
|–70:Disney Channel Espa?[D+]
|–80:40 TV[D+]
|–3019:AMC Espa?[D+]
11891:30000 [11/11/11]
|–21:Fox Espa?[D+]
|–22:AXN Espa?[D+]
|–27:Fox Life Espa?[D+]
|–28:AXN White Espa?[D+]
|–41:Canal + Acci?[D+]
|–42:Canal + Comedia[D+]
|–43:Canal + Dcine[D+]
|–64:Iberalia TV[D+]
|–71:Disney Junior Espa?[D+]
|–3007:Canal + Espa?[D+]
11931:27500 [4/28/33]
|–67:Canal + Toros[D+]
|–192:Multideporte 3[D+]
12092:27500 [1/1/1]
|–900:Disney Channel Portugal[Nos]
12130:27500 [23/26/26]
|–101:RTP 1[Meo]
|–102:RTP 2[Meo]
|–105:RTP 3[Meo]
|–110:Cine Mundo[Meo]
|–111:Benfica TV 2[Meo]
|–112:Hist?ia Portugal[Meo]
|–113:Baby TV Europe[Meo]
|–114:Eurosport 2 Xtra[MEO]
|–115:Canal Hollywood Portugal[Meo]
|–116:TV Cine 2[Meo]
|–117:AMC Portugal[Meo]
|–118:RTP Madeira[Meo]
|–119:RTP A?res[Meo]
|–120:AR TV Canal Parlamento[Meo]
|–127:SIC K[Meo]
|–128:MTV Portugal[Meo]
|–129:Sport TV 4[Meo]
|–130:JimJam Europe[Meo]
|–131:TV Cine 4[Meo]
|–133:TVI 24[Meo]
|–136:Real Madrid TV Espa?l[Meo]
|–138:C Music TV[Meo]
12169:27500 [23/34/48]
|–202:SIC Not?ias[Meo]
|–204:Syfy Universal Portugal[Meo]
|–205:Sport TV 2[Meo]
|–206:Sporting TV[Meo]
|–208:Motors TV[Meo]
|–209:Discovery Channel Iberia[Meo]
|–211:Fox News Channel[Meo]
|–212:Sport TV 3[Meo]
|–214:TV Cine 1[Meo]
|–215:TV Cine 3[Meo]
|–216:TV S?ies[Meo]
|–217:CBS Reality Europe[MEO]
|–218:Afro Music[MEO]
|–225:Disney Channel Portugal[Meo]
|–229:Trace Urban[Meo]
|–230:TVI Ficção[Meo]
|–231:A Bola TV[Meo]
|–236:Record News[Meo]
12207:27500 [21/43/48]
|–302:Sport TV 1[Meo]
|–309:Canal Panda Portugal[Meo]
|–351:Nat Geo Wild Europe[Meo]
|–354:TCM Espa?[Meo]
|–355:RTP Mem?ia[Meo]
|–357:Fuel TV Europe[Meo]
|–359:E! Europe[Meo]
|–368:TV Globo Premium[Meo]
|–369:Playboy TV Iberia[Meo]
|–1301:Nat Geo Wild[Meo]
|–1302:SIC Radical[Meo]
|–1303:Porto Canal[Meo]
|–1304:Cartoon Network[Meo]
|–1306:FOX Comedy[Meo]
|–1308:SIC Caras
|–1309:E! Entertainment[Meo]
|–1315:Q (Portugal)[Meo]
|–1318:TV Globo Portugal[Meo]
|–1319:[X]Playboy TV[Meo]
|–1327:CM TV (Portugal)[MEO]
12226:27500 [8/11/11]
|–29:MTV Espa?[D+]
|–35:M?ico Travel Channel[D+]
|–65:Movistar F1[D+]
|–77:Baby TV Europe[D+]
|–78:Boing Espa?[D+]
|–117:Canal de las Estrellas Europa[D+]
12246:27500 [16/17/19]
|–402:Fine Living[Meo]
|–404:Canal Hollywood Portugal[HD]
|–451:Sport TV 1[HD]
|–452:Sport TV 2[HD]
|–453:Sport TV 4[HD]
|–454:National Geographic Channel HD Europe[H
|–455:\t\tAXN HD[HD]
|–456:\tFOX HD[HD]
|–1401:Sport TV 1 HD[Meo]
|–1402:Sport TV 2 HD[Meo]
|–1403:Sport TV 4 HD[Meo]
|–1404:National Geographic HD[Meo]
|–1405:AXN HD[Meo]
|–1406:FOX HD[Meo]
|–1408:BTV 1 HD[Meo]
12303:27500 [7/22/27]
|–4:Canal + Series[D+]
|–74:Nickelodeon Iberia[D+]
|–3039:Sundance Channel Espa?[D+]
|–3047:Canal+ Partidazo[D+]
|–3203:MULTIFUT. 1[D+]
12322:27500 [10/10/11]
|–101:RTP 3[Nos]
|–103:RTP A?res[Nos]
|–104:RTP Madeira[Nos]
|–105:Benfica TV 1[Nos]
|–708:Canal Panda Portugal[Nos]
|–801:SIC Not?ias[Nos]
|–811:RTP 1[Nos]
|–812:RTP 2[Nos]
12360:27500 [13/15/17]
|–301:Sport TV 2[Nos]
|–304:TV Globo Portugal[Nos]
|–305:TVI 24[Nos]
|–306:Sport TV 3[Nos]
|–308:Record Europa[Nos]
|–309:Sport TV 4[Nos]
|–313:Canal Hollywood Portugal[Nos]
|–315:MTV Portugal[Nos]
|–316:Hist?ia Portugal[Nos]
|–317:Discovery Channel Iberia[Nos]
|–870:Sport TV 1[Nos]
12380:27500 [12/12/13]
|–20:Calle 13[D+]
|–25:Syfy Universal Espa?[D+]
|–31:National Geographic Channel Espa?[D+]
|–51:C+ LIGA[D+]
|–53:Canal + Deportes[D+]
|–55:Canal + Golf[D+]
|–57:Canal + F?bol[D+]
|–81:Sol M?ica[D+]
|–99:Playboy TV Iberia[D+]
12399:27500 [15/17/18]
|–401:AXN Black Portugal[Nos]
|–402:24 Kitchen Portugal[Nos]
|–403:Fox Crime Portugal[Nos]
|–405:Travel Channel Europe[Nos]
|–406:AXN White Portugal[Nos]
|–410:Fox Life Portugal[Nos]
|–1602:TV Cine 3[Nos]
|–1609:TV S?ies[Nos]
|–1610:TV Cine 2[Nos]
|–5030:AXN Black HD[Meo]
|–5032:Travel Channel HD[Meo]
|–5033:AXN White HD[Meo]
|–5035:Fox Life HD[Meo]
|–5036:FOX Crime HD[Meo]
12437:27500 [13/14/16]
|–804:TV Cine 4[Nos]
|–807:Discovery Showcase HD[Nos]
|–808:Nickelodeon Iberia[Nos]
|–809:NBA TV[Nos]
|–815:Caza y Pesca[Nos]
|–817:BabyFirst TV[Nos]
|–947:TV Cine 1[Nos]
|–1304:RTP 1[Nos]
|–1305:Sporting TV[Nos]
|–1306:Motorvision TV[Nos]
|–1309:BBC Entertainment Europe
12456:30000 [12/12/12]
|–5:Canal + Xtra[D+]
|–11:TVE La 1 Madrid[D+]
|–12:TVE La 2[D+]
|–16:La Sexta[D+]
|–24:TNT Espa?[D+]
|–32:Nat Geo Wild Espa?[D+]
|–46:Canal Hollywood Espa?[D+]
|–79:Clan TVE[D+]
|–92:Factoria de Ficci?[D+]
12476:27500 [34/43/46]
|–231:TVI Reality[Nos]
|–232:TLC Pan Regional[Nos]
|–233:Fox Movies Portugal[Nos]
|–234:Eurosport News[Nos]
|–235:A&E Iberia[Nos]
|–236:Sport TV +
|–237:VH1 Classic Europe[Nos]
|–239:TVE Internacional Europa[Nos]
|–240:Panda Biggs[Nos]
|–241:Canal 24 Horas[Nos]
|–242:CNN International Europe[Nos]
|–243:Sky News International[Nos]
|–244:BBC World News Europe[Nos]
|–246:France 24 English[Nos]
|–247:Sport TV Golfe[Nos]
|–248:Toros TV[Nos]
|–250:Disney Junior Portugal[Nos]
|–251:Sporting TV
|–501:AR TV Canal Parlamento
|–5000:SIC Mulher[Meo]
|–5001:TLC Europe[Meo]
|–5002:Fox Movies[Meo]
|–5004:A&E Spain & Portugal[Meo]
|–5016:SPORT TV 5[Meo]
|–5019:\tDisney Junior[Meo]
Sat TotalCH = 250/351
3530:Nilesat [7.0W]
12034:27500 [5/6/7]
|–703:Hekayat[OSN A-DD]
|–705:Hekayat 2[OSN A-DD]
|–706:Aflam 1[OSN A-DD]
|–708:Aflam 2[OSN A-DD]
|–709:Cinema[OSN A-DD]
Sat TotalCH = 5/14
3550:Eutelsat 5 [5.0W]
11096:29950 [3/12/16]
|–401:TF 1[Bis Orange]
|–403:M6 HD[Bis Orange]
11512:29950 [3/17/18]
|–212:Action[Bis Orange]
|–216:XXL[Bis Orange]
|–220:Equidia[Bis Orange]
11554:29950 [1/3/13]
|–301:TF 1[Bis Orange]
Sat TotalCH = 7/75
3590:Thor 5/6 [1.0W]
10747:25000 [1/5/22]
|–1034:TV 2 Premier League 1
10778:25000 [1/4/13]
|–6801:Kanal 5 HD Sweden
10841:24500 [1/2/9]
|–4703:TV 2
10903:25000 [1/6/21]
|–3801:SVT1 HD
10934:25000 [3/6/19]
|–1405:TV 4 (Sweden)
|–3306:Canal+ First HD Scandinavia
|–6903:Canal+ Hits HD
11216:24500 [1/4/9]
11727:28000 [11/11/11]
|–30101:[V][A]HBO Hungary[UPC]
|–30102:[V][A]Nova Cinema[UPC]
|–30103:[V][A]Horor Film[UPC]
|–30104:[V][A]Sport 1 Hungary[UPC]
|–30106:[V][A]CT 1[UPC]
|–30107:[V][A]TV Markiza[UPC]
|–30108:[V][A]Ring TV[UPC]
|–30110:[V][A]TV Doma[UPC]
|–30111:[V][A]Spektrum TV[UPC]
|–30112:[V][A]TV Paprika[UPC]
11747:28000 [6/11/12]
|–1002:[A]Nickelodeon Europe[UPC]
|–1006:[A]The Fishing and Hunting Channel Sout
|–1008:[A]MTV Europe[UPC]
|–1011:[A]FilmBox Central Europe[UPC]
11766:28000 [18/18/18]
|–30201:[V][A]FilmBox Family[UPC]
|–30202:[V][A]HBO Czechia[UPC]
|–30203:[V][A]Film + Hungary[UPC]
|–30204:[V][A]Nova Sport[UPC]
|–30205:[V][A]Sport 2 Hungary[UPC]
|–30206:[V][A]CT 2[UPC]
|–30207:[V][A]TV Joj[UPC]
|–30208:[V][A]TV Barrandov[UPC]
|–30209:[V][A]RTL Klub[UPC]
|–30210:[V][A]TV 2[UPC]
|–30212:[V][A]Echo TV[UPC]
|–30213:[V][A]Minimax Hungary[UPC]
|–30214:[V][A]Sport 2 Czechia[UPC]
|–30215:[V][A]Minimax Hungary[UPC]
|–30216:[V][A]Duna World[UPC]
|–30217:[V][A]FilmBox Plus[UPC]
|–30224:[V][A]Spiler TV[UPC]
11804:28000 [14/17/18]
|–30301:[V][A]Film + Czechia[UPC]
|–30302:[V][A]Sport 1 Czechia & Slovakia[UPC]
|–30303:[V][A]Sport Klub Hungary[UPC]
|–30305:[V][A]TV Nova[UPC]
|–30307:[V][A]Film Caf?[UPC]
|–30308:[V][A]Cool TV[UPC]
|–30310:[V][A]Spektrum Home[UPC]
|–30313:[V][A]Prima COOL[UPC]
|–30314:[V][A]Prima Love[UPC]
|–30315:[V][A]Pro 4[UPC]
11823:30000 [8/8/9]
|–4020:Digi Sport 1 Hungary 1880[HD]
|–4030:Sport 1 Hungary 1880[HD]
|–4040:M1 (Hungary) 1880[HD]
|–4050:Digi World 1880[HD]
|–4060:Digi Sport 2 Hungary[HD]
|–4070:Digi Sport 1[HD]
|–4080:Digi Sport 2[HD]
|–4090:Pro TV[HD]
11843:30000 [9/12/12]
|–31001:[V]M1 HD[HD]
|–31002:[V]CT HD[HD]
|–31003:[V]Nova HD[HD]
|–31004:[V]Nova Sport HD[HD]
|–31005:[V]HBO HD Hungary[HD]
|–31006:[V]HBO HD Czech[HD]
|–31007:[V]Sundance Channel[HD]
|–31008:[V]Da Vinci Universitas[HD]
|–31009:[V]Discovery Showcase HD[HD]
11843:30000 [2/2/2]
|–31011:Animal Planet HD
11900:28000 [4/13/13]
|–3480:[A]HBO Comedy Central Europe[UPC]
|–3490:NatGeo Wild Hungary
|–3520:Story 5
11938:30000 [1/1/1]
11938:28000 [13/15/20]
|–30701:[A]Extreme Sports Channel[UPC]
|–30702:[A]JimJam Europe[UPC]
|–30703:[A]Disney Channel Hungary & Czechia
|–30704:[A]Animal Planet Europe[UPC]
|–30705:[A]HBO 2 Central Europe[UPC]
|–30706:[A]CT Sport[UPC]
|–30709:[A]Cinemax Central Europe[UPC]
|–30710:[A]Boomerang Centra[UPC]
|–30711:[A]Nat Geo Wild Europe[UPC]
|–30712:[A]Spektrum TV[UPC]
|–30714:[A]TV 5 Monde Europe[UPC]
|–30715:[A]Viasat 6[UPC]
|–30718:[A]Eurosport 2 North-East[UPC]
11977:30000 [7/7/10]
|–2011:TV Markíza[HD]
|–2016:Eurosport 2 North-East\t[HD]
|–2017:HBO Czechia[HD]
|–2018:[A]National Geographic Channel Hungary
|–2019:Slovak Sport TV 2[HD]
|–2020:\tTV Lux[UPC Digi]
11996:28000 [1/1/1]
|–30405:[V][A]Fine Living[UPC]
11996:28000 [4/14/15]
|–30412:MTV Romania
|–30413:MiniMax Romania
|–30416:FilmBox Extra
12015:30000 [1/6/17]
|–4202:History Channel HD Nordic
12034:30000 [23/23/24]
|–30502:[V][A]Eurosport 2 North-East[UPC]
|–30503:[V][A]Sport 1 Hungary[UPC]
|–30504:[V][A]RTL Klub[UPC]
|–30505:[V][A]Sport 2 Czechia[UPC]
|–30506:[V][A]Arena Sport 1 (Slovakia)[UPC]
|–30507:[V][A]FilmBox Premium Hungary[UPC]
|–30508:[V][A]BBC World News Europe[UPC]
|–30509:[V][A]Bloomberg TV Europe[UPC]
|–30510:[V][A]Fashion TV Europe[UPC]
|–30511:[V][A]Classic Greats[UPC]
|–30512:[V][A]Hip Hop[UPC]
|–30513:[V][A]Cool Jazz[UPC]
|–30514:[V][A]Rock n Roll Era[UPC]
|–30516:[V][A]Classic Rock[UPC]
|–30518:[V][A]Feel Good Music[UPC]
|–30519:[V][A]Total Hits[UPC]
|–30523:[V][A]FilmBox Extra HD[UPC]
12054:30000 [8/9/18]
|–1011:RTV 1 (Slovakia)[Digi]
|–1012:RTV 2 (Slovakia)[Digi]
|–1013:TV Markiza[Digi UPC]
|–1015:TV Joj[Digi]
|–1019:Wau TV[Digi]
|–1023:Slagr TV[Digi]
|–1024:TV Nova[Digi]
12073:28000 [10/15/17]
|–30601:[V]B1 [FocusSat]
|–30602:[V]Euforia Lifestyle TV [FocusSat]
|–30604:[V]Sport 1 Romania [FocusSat]
|–30606:[V][A]Auto Motor und Sport[UPC]
|–30608:[V][A]Hir TV[UPC]
|–30613:[V]Trinitas TV [FocusSat]
|–30615:[V]HBO Romania [FocusSat]
|–30616:[V][A]Story 5[UPC]
12090:28000 [2/5/5]
|–11004:[A]AXN Central Europe[UPC]
|–11006:[A]AXN Czech Republic[UPC]
12092:28000 [2/6/9]
|–11002:[A]AXN White[UPC]
|–11003:[A]AXN Black[UPC]
12111:28000 [15/16/17]
|–31202:[A]Discovery World[UPC]
|–31203:[A]Discovery Science Channel[UPC]
|–31204:[A]TLC Pan Regional[UPC]
|–31205:[A]Travel Channel Europe[UPC]
|–31207:[A]Bloomberg TV Europe[UPC]
|–31208:[A]TV 5 Monde Europe[UPC]
|–31209:[A]Antena 3 (Romania)[UPC]
|–31211:[A]AXN Romania[UPC]
|–31212:RTL II
|–31213:RTL +
|–31214:Sorozat +
|–31215:Muzsika TV
|–31216:MTV Music 24
12188:28000 [15/16/16]
|–30802:[A]TCM Central & Eastern Europe[UPC
|–30803:[A]Duck TV SD[UPC]
|–30804:[A]National Geographic Channel Hungary
|–30805:[A]Hustler TV Europe[UPC]
|–30806:[A]Viasat History[UPC]
|–30807:[A]MGM Channel Central Europe[UPC]
|–30808:[A]Travel Channel Europe[UPC]
|–30809:[A]Etno TV[UPC]
|–30811:[A]Investigation Discovery Europe[UPC]
|–30812:[A]Da Vinci Learning[UPC]
|–30813:[A]Story 4[UPC]
|–30814:[A]History Europe[UPC]
|–30816:[A]Sport M[UPC]
12226:27500 [11/11/11]
|–501:[A]MTV Hungary[UPC]
|–502:[A]Viva TV[UPC]
|–503:[A]Comedy Central Hungary[UPC]
|–504:[A]Comedy Central Extra Central Europe[
|–505:[A]Nickelodeon Europe[UPC]
|–506:[A]MTV Europe[UPC]
|–507:[A]VH1 Europe[UPC]
|–508:[A]MTV Hits UK[UPC]
|–509:[A]MTV Dance[UPC]
|–510:[A]VH1 Classic Europe[UPC]
|–511:[A]MTV Rocks[UPC]
12265:28000 [16/17/17]
|–30902:[A]MTV Music 24[UPC]
|–30903:[A]Discovery Channel Hungary[UPC]
|–30904:[A]Viasat Explorer East[UPC]
|–30905:[A]CBS Reality Europe[UPC]
|–30906:[A]AXN Sci Fi[UPC]
|–30907:[A]Super TV 2[UPC]
|–30909:[A]Daring! TV[UPC]
|–30910:[A]Pro TV[UPC]
|–30911:[A]Sport 5[UPC]
|–30912:[A]Fem 3[UPC]
|–30913:[A]J@J Plus[UPC]
|–30914:[A]Cinemax 2 Central Europe[UPC]
|–30915:[A]Blue Hustler Europe[UPC]
|–30916:[A]Duna TV[UPC]
|–30917:[A]Pro TV International[UPC]
12380:28000 [1/3/9]
|–7003:Digi Liga Majstrov 2
12418:28000 [1/3/10]
|–6001:[A]France 24 English[UPC]
12456:28000 [3/6/10]
|–3005:Mooz Dance
|–3007:Look Plus[Focus Sat]
|–3008:Mooz Dance
12527:27500 [4/13/13]
|–1005:TVR 2
|–1365:Universal Channel Central Europe
|–1550:TV Paprika
|–2690:Investigation Discovery Europe
12563:27500 [6/20/28]
|–2590:H!T Music
|–2600:Zone Romantica Poland & Hungary
|–2610:Sport 1 Hungary
|–2620:Sport 2 Hungary
|–2630:HBO 2 Central Europe
|–3270:Radio TV Severin
12607:27500 [1/3/18]
|–4110:Mini TV
12608:27500 [8/14/14]
|–1013:Digi Sport 1
|–1014:10 TV
|–1034:Discovery Channel Romania
|–1170:Pro Cinema
|–2850:Eurosport 2
|–2950:Kanal D Romania
|–6000:DigiFilm 1
|–6010:Digi Premium
12643:27500 [9/11/26]
|–1031:National Geographic Romania
|–1050:Pro TV
|–1180:AXN Central Europe
|–1187:Digi Sport Plus Hungary
|–1190:Hir TV
|–1380:TV 2 (Hungary)
|–1510:RTL Klub
|–1520:Film +
|–1570:Viasat 3
12687:27500 [2/13/13]
|–1006:Prima TV
|–1007:Realitatea TV
12717:18400 [1/4/10]
|–3360:Hora TV
12723:27500 [5/13/14]
|–1003:Antena 1
|–1023:Cinemax East Europe
|–1030:Discovery Travel & Living UK
|–1580:TV 1000 Balkan
Sat TotalCH = 250/413
3700:DVB-T,Spain-GloTV [-10.0W]
498:27500 [3/3/4]
538:27500 [4/4/6]
610:27500 [4/4/12]
|–3136:Eurosport 2[Italy-T]
|–3139:Premium Calcio HD[Italy-T]
|–3140:Premium Calcio HD 2[Italy-T]
642:27500 [1/4/10]
754:27500 [4/4/9]
|–5111:Premium Joi[Italy-T]
|–5112:Premium Mya[Italy-T]
|–5113:Studio Universal – Premium[Italy-T]
|–5131:Premium Emotion[Italy-T]
Sat TotalCH = 16/29
Total CH :2806